Tomato soup question

nik12, Mar 13, 1:48am
Hi all, I've been searching for Tomato soup recipes, and I notice a few of them have a slice of bread in them - can anyone tell me what that does?
The one I usually make you cut the tomatoes in half, sprinkle with onion, garlic, and basil and roast, then wizz up with enough chicken stock to get the thickness you want. Would a bit of bread improve something?

jessie981, Mar 13, 1:55am
Thicken maybe? ?

nik12, Mar 13, 4:11am
I thought that too, then I googled and someone said that a tomato soup with just tomato's would be too acidic to enjoy. . so add bread to it.
I don't find mine to acidic, but maybe I'll try one batch with a wee bit of bread? ? Hmm, or perhaps I'll just stick to the tried and true, so hard to know lol

fifie, Mar 13, 4:51am
Nik i make atomato soup recipe withbread in it, recipe is on here, and my understanding is the breadhelps make a rich creamy slightly thickend soup instead of thin and bland. Ive tried a few recipes and like this one best as its thick, and tasty. You can't see it as its all pureed with the blender at the lend of cooking. Made a big lot yesterday for the freezer and more tomorrow lol. .

nik12, Mar 13, 7:11am
I had to go back and check, but I did like the look of your recipe fifie! I've got the the wee red babies peeled and ready to go in the morning.

How many tomatoes would you use for one onion?

I'm still thinking I'll roast them first, I think that adds to the sweetness? ?

fifie, Mar 13, 8:04am
I fill the crocky up with tomatoes, I chop up usually one large onion, but some times if they are smallerput 2 or 3 in it really dosen't matter to much, Garlic is my favourite i use plenty lol. Yes i think the roasting could be nice also if you look up Pasta sauce in the search function someone posted a recipe there for making the sauce with roasted tomatoes and it sounded good. Im going to do that to this year for my pasta sauce, and think it would work well for the soup also. Lets know how it goes...

ccoffee, Mar 22, 11:41am
Bread to thicken... . what's wrong with Red Lentils. Adds a bit of texture if not blended, thickens if put in the blender, and a bit more 'stick to your ribs' factor. (AND lentils are CHEAP)a bit of smoked paprika is good too, but not cheap to buy.

red2, Nov 24, 5:52pm
I think bread was used in traditional recipes from Italy - like a peasants soup

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