Butter Chicken recipe! Help please.

julzienz, Aug 8, 10:53am
Hi, I saw a recipe for butter chicken in the New World flyer this week, but I can't find it again. Can anyone help me out? It involved marinating the chicken first, then cook in the sauce, and add fresh coriander? Otherwise, does any one have another recipe that is like this because I bought the chicken and coriander especially for this recipe, and now I can't find it, haha. Thanks!

245sam, Aug 8, 12:08pm
julzienz, I think the recipe that you're wanting is most likely to be the recipe at:-

http://www.tv3.co.nz/portals/0/pdf/ButterChicken. pdf

milig, Aug 8, 1:36pm
Better than crushed tomato is using tomato paste. Home brand has really cheap ones for abt $2 n they stay very long in the fridge and can be used for other Indian dishes to replace tomatoes. However, use way less. Always add more later if you think u need it. It Also helps to reduce the cooking time since fresh tomatoes leave a lot more moisture and this moisture needs to be evaporated for good curry base. Hope that helps.

julzienz, Jan 8, 11:12am
Yes! That's the one, 245sam thank you. Also thanks for the tips milig.