Mall Butter Chicken

summer8, Jan 10, 3:41am
hi there i knw its been posted before a while ago but ive lost the recipe would someone bekind enough to repost pleasseee
thanks in advance :)

suie1, Jan 10, 3:43am
Uh? Is that Butter Chicken you make at the Mall?

summer8, Jan 10, 3:49am
yes that yummy scrummy one you buy with nan bread . .

summer8, Jan 10, 3:51am
no hun the one you buy from the malls

suie1, Jan 10, 3:54am
Huh, so a wind up then?

summer8, Jan 10, 3:56am
windup? umm no - listen if you dont have it or can help then get off my thread thank you!

uli, Jan 10, 4:28am
And so will be everyone else LOL :)

summer8, Jan 10, 6:13am
thanks connie will give it a go thanks again

summer8, Jan 10, 6:14am
"and so will be everyone else"omg - ya that makes sense

sandra22, Dec 3, 2:54pm
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