What vegs goes with butter chicken -if any?

susievb, Jun 20, 12:31am
I am making butter chicken tomorrow with white rice, is there normally a veg accomplament that goes with it?

nzplantlady, Jun 20, 12:39am
Maybe steamed beans with chopped cashew nuts.

kaysu, Jun 20, 12:51am
Think what npl suggested would be best. I use just the beans.

uli, Jun 20, 1:06am
I don't eat white rice, so I do my butter chicken over cauli "rice" or over cauli and broccoli florets.

maxwell.inc, Jun 20, 1:14am
Yup I cook all my curry's with small florets of cauli and brocoli in them. . nothing better than a big bowl of meat and creamy sauce! (not a rice eater either)

karenz, Jun 20, 2:35am
You are probably thinking of a hot vegetable dish, but sliced cucumber in plain unsweetened voghurt is a nice accompaniment. I also sometimes "pad this out" with peeld and cubed potatoes.

coolthree, Jun 20, 3:18am
Try doing your choice of veg in a yoghurt or similar sauce.

antoniab, Jun 20, 3:42am
I always mix peas through my rice.

fisher, Jun 20, 3:53am
I like to do that also antoniab. . a little herbs mixed through sometimes and also add a tsp of turmeric to make the rice a nice presentable yellow colour:}}

natalie9, Jun 20, 8:09am
I made butter chicken with mushrooms in it the other day, devine...

momma1, Jun 20, 10:14am
i always add potato to my butter chicken for 2 reasons... one to bulk it out and the other is to get some vege into the meal... . but also make a vege fried rice too (carrot, corn, pea, cauli, onion, broc, peppers)

jarrod261, Jun 20, 11:19am
Potatoes are good with it. Throw in some spinach aswel, Adds some colour to it.

wahinetoa62, Jun 20, 11:24am
I just got told by my chef friend that sliced snow peas are great added

aktow, Aug 21, 11:09pm
you can add any veg you like. . i would add a little chicken powder stock and turmeric to the ricewhen it is cooking. . once rice is cooked season with a lots of salt and pepper, , rice need lots of salt to bring out flavor... i