Restaurant style best BUTTER CHICKEN recipe wanted

july10, Feb 3, 7:19pm
Can anyone post their best butter chicken recipe have a pot luck dinner tonight, ta

kirinesha, Feb 3, 7:25pm
If you type "Butter Chicken" into the search box on the left, then choose "Anytime" you'll find hundreds of options.

maryteatowel1, Feb 3, 7:56pm
...i find that if you marinate the chicken in tandoori and yoghurt over night and then the next day put it in a hot smoker to cook...then make up the's as close as you can get to cooking it in a tandoori oven...

cantab29, Feb 4, 12:29am
Try this one on Foodlovers (third post down).Put the garam masala in with the other spices and leave out the cornflour - I've never needed it.,138230,page=1

sleyle, Feb 4, 2:22am
Might be too late but sandra22 sells the best butter chicken spice you can get!

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