Why is restaurant garlic bread so delicious?

kclu, Jan 3, 3:31am
Even if the rest of the meal is average the garlic bread is always so much better than that made at home. Is there a secret or just that loads of butter is used? How do you do yours?

petal1955, Jan 3, 4:11am
Soften butter add heaps of crushed garlic along with parsley, pizza thyme an spread on a french loaf that has been cut into slices. Wrap in tinfoil and heat 200 degrees C in hot oven for 25 mins.

autumnwinds, Jan 3, 4:24am
As in #2, but with the addition of some "chicken seasoning/stock powder".and a few drops of worcestershire sauce.

I'm darn sure that's what makes the difference with the restaurant garlic breads

buzzy110, Jan 3, 4:46am
1. Cream the butter
2. Add loads of parsley - can use a mincer if making a whole lot
3. Add even more loads of fresh crushed garlic
4. Beat altogether

It is awesome. I still make it that way.

cameron-albany, Jan 3, 6:48am
I make our own too! Start with the BEST bread. a lovely loaf or baguette from your fave bakery. Stir up good-quality butter (at room temp) add minced up parsley and ORGANIC NZ garlic (the Chinese stuff is full of horrid things. PLEASE use NZ garlic!) Spread all over the loaf and wrap in tinfoil and heat in the oven for 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the loaf. I also sprinkle some organic rock-salt and smoked paprika over the loaf. It is absolutely delicious.
The reason the store-bought ones taste "so good" is because they use loads of additives and dreadful methyl bromide-infused Chinese garlic. The mainstream is used to that kind of "taste" and just thinks it's better.

sarahb5, Jan 3, 7:56am
And don’t forget to spread some garlic butter on the top crust as well before you “cook” it to give that crispy garlicky crust

gaimon, Jan 3, 9:15am
Butter, garlic and plenty of salt.

lilyfield, Jan 3, 9:54am
Because you are so hungry

sarahb5, Jan 3, 10:46am
I don’t like the pizza bases/flat breads that are served as garlic bread

sailor13, Jan 6, 2:29am
use pams marge, oil, garlic and any herbs you like mix then spread dont wrap in tinfoil just put in oven yumo.

sarahb5, Jan 6, 5:28am
Why marg and oil instead of butter?

lythande1, Jan 6, 6:46pm
It isn't.

pauline999, Jan 7, 9:32pm
Sometimes I substitute lemon pepper for the garlic and this is yummy too.

muffin2, Jan 7, 9:36pm
do not scrimp on the amount of butter used. the amount of butter you spread on the bread must be nearly as thick as the slice / wedge of bread - more is better!
wrap in tin foil and bake

devonwrecked, Jan 7, 10:38pm
Some of the best restaurant garlic breads are actually toasted on a griddle plate on the stove top, not baked at all. The bread used makes a difference as well. There's an amazing sour dough bakery in Hamilton that supplies a lot of restaurants - instant upgrade right there. My family's favourite is a Vogel's garlic bread - tastes amazing.

korbo, Jan 8, 7:31am
have never seen Vogel's garlic bread. is it a sliced loaf or a stick type?

devonwrecked, Jan 8, 7:43am
It's a sliced loaf spread with garlic butter - you won't see it unless you make it yourself, but it's worth it 'cos it's yummy! It "has" to go on the family Christmas table for my son, or it's not Christmas, according to him :)

marcs, Jan 8, 9:46am
Garlic bread in restaurants are not baked as that would be too time consuming. They are either made on a panini/toasty machine or you can put in a dry frying pan and cook it. Also the garlic butter is made in big quantities so it gets mixed in a mixer which means it gets beaten well getting more of the garlic juices out and also kept for several days which intensifies the garlic flavour or make butter more flavourful. Lastly it is the type of bread they use to make it.

oopie, Jan 10, 3:44am
Chicken stock powder is often included in garlic 'butter'.

I also don't wrap, use quality bread, only ever butter, I finely grate the garlic and mash it a bit, plenty of parsley all applied liberally and briefly toasted in a hot oven or under the grill.

sticky232, Jan 10, 4:37am
Why you enjoy it so much is you are with family and friend and enjoying yourself and everything tastees so much better

autumnwinds, Jan 14, 10:36am
Yes, I said that back at #3 - and I know, as used to have my own restaurant.

kclu, Nov 4, 9:41am
Yes I think this has partially something to do with it. Lots to try thanks. Years ago I used to make onion bread replacing the garlic with finely chopped spring onion and we use to enjoy that.

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