Plastic found in food at fine dining restaurant.

Chef_holly-rocks, May 23, 2:45 am
Hi there :)

Went out for lunch today at a so called fine dining restaurant , the food was good but i found a piece of plastic in my food and after our plates were cleared by the owner, i showed her the plastic. She took it back to the kitchen and said it was from a brush they used. she just said 'sorry about that' and left.

last time we went there we had 1.5 hour wait on our food and no apology either. ( from the owner who delivered our food)

i am not complaining but would you expect something more than that. just wondering your thoughts.

Thank you ( =

Chef_kaddiew, May 23, 3:00 am
Hopefully it was from a food brush and not a scrubbing brush!

She could have offered a partial refund or a free drink, but since you handed over the offending item I guess there's not a lot you can do now other than vote with your feet.

I probably wouldn't have gone back for another meal after waiting an hour and a half for it the time before, if it had bothered me.

Chef_sampa, May 23, 3:05 am
In actual fact you are complaining Holly and I can see no reason why you shouldn't. Plastic is not food and shouldn't be part of a dining experience anywhere you go. However, there are better places you can go to have your say and get your voice heard - review this restaurant on - for example - and also possibly on Trip Advisor. This will achieve two things - you'll reach more people that may be considering dining there and will be interested in what you have to say and - the owner will have a chance to respond to what you have to say and either offer an (albeit belated) apology in a public manner or defend the restaurants right to serve up bits of brush they use (for cleaning? = yuck and gag! ) out back in the kitchen to their guests.

Chef_samanya, Jul 16, 5:03 pm
My thoughts are . don't go there again. But tell the management that you were unhappy with a) the plastic & b) the response.
I'm assuming that if it was a supposed 'fine dining' . you paid plenty for your meal.
I'm not usually a complainer about meals & get quite embarrassed if a member of my group does complain . but as I've grown more discerning, I don't blame people for mentioning politely, that the meal was not up to scratch.
I got salmon way overcooked at an upmarket, brand new pub type complex last week & when the waiter asked 'is everything alright with your meal' . Ii did mention that it was overcooked & he immediately offer to get me another one. I didn't bother as the salad was beautiful, but I couldn't eat all of the salmon.The point is he gave me the option & restauranteurs do need feedback, as it's competitive world for them & one bad word spreads way faster than several good reviews.

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