Meatballs; I made a Huge batch of Delicious

donnabeth, Jul 31, 12:35am
meatballs that I need to divide into 3 separate meals. One to take out for a shared dinner, one to help out where there is sickness in the family and another lot to freeze.

Can anyone help me with nice sauces to add to them? I have enough drippings to make gravy for one batch, but need to complement the others in some way. I wondered about a satay sauce?
The meatballs themselves are quite large and have exactly the right amount of herbs and spices to give them a delicate flavour. I made them with care as sometimes my mixes can be a bit 'iffy' when I toss extras in at random.

duckmoon, Jul 31, 1:42am
what herbs and spices have you already used? ? ?

duckmoon, Jul 31, 1:43am
I do a tomato sauce for meatballs and serve with pasta...

onion, garlic, tin toms and sundried toms - perhaps some capisucm

horizons_, Jul 31, 1:47am
Sweet and sour sauce would be good too.

blt10, Jul 31, 2:26am
Yum peanut satay will be delicious.

donnabeth, Jul 31, 10:28am
I used corriander, parsley, sage, mixed herbs, cumin and nutmeg. I added a tin of toms to the gravy and have some plain. I think I'll run with the satay sauce tomorrow.

thejewellerybox, Jul 31, 7:57pm
Satedefinitely. A sweet chilli sauce would be nice too.

darlingmole, Dec 14, 11:17am
Mum would make mini meatballs and serve it with this sauce ...

1/2 C tomato sauce
1/2 C brown sugar
1/4 C grainy mustard
hand full of chopped parsely

Heat until sugar has dissolved and very warm.

This is a very rich sauce so perhaps only suitable as a nibble/starter instead of a main meal. It IS very tasty though!