sophie gray meatballs recipe?? or any yum

jacqui248, Feb 25, 12:55am
meatballs. . wanting meatballs(beefmince) for tea with some delish sauce over rice. . anyone ogt a good recipe please?

245sam, Feb 25, 1:05am
jacqui248, I have Sophie's books so asap I'll try to find her recipe for you but in the meantime have a look at:- php? f=18&t=357

You'll find a variety of meatball recipes there, some with, some without a sauce or glaze. :-))

jacqui248, Feb 25, 1:18am
hi thanks 245sam , i found a recipe! ! looks yum, hope it is! !

245sam, Feb 25, 1:22am
jacqui248, in her books Sophie has three meatball recipes -
Spaghetti with Meatballs; Madras Meatballs; and Devilled Meatballs - so which one was it that you wanted?

The first recipe uses 500g lean beef mince, the second one uses
450g lean beef mince and the third recipe uses 1 Kg lean mince. :-))

Edited to add that I see you have now found a recipe so do you not want/need one of Sophie's recipes? :-))

dollmakernz, Sep 12, 10:17am
These are really nice!
Meatballs-500g mince, 250g sausage meat, ½uncooked rice, 1tsp curry powder, salt & pepper, 1 egg, 1 onion, 1 Tbsp chopped parsley. Sauce-½cup water, ½cup tomato sauce, 3tsp Worcester sauce, 2 Tbsp vinegar, ¼cup brown sugar, 2Tbsp fruit or tomato chutney. Combine over low heat until sugar is dissolved. Bake in moderate oven 30-60mins. Baste occasionally.