Making meatballs without an egg?

urbanproject, Apr 26, 2:13am
Hi there. Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but is it at all possible to make meatballs without an egg, without them falling apart when cooking? I'm wanting to cook them in the slow cooker for spaghetti and meatballs. Thanks

grannypam, Apr 26, 2:16am
I always do. .

I crumble a couple of slices of fresh bread into the bowl with the meat and then add a couple of slurps of milk. .

I am sorry but I am not a measuring cook. . lol I just guess at the amount. .

ferita, Apr 26, 2:16am
Good quality meat shouldnt need egg.

valentino, Apr 26, 2:49am
Try a little bit of Natural yoghurt, works very good, though not quite like an egg but one quite often add about 1/2 cup of yoghurt (say to 500 to 750g of meat) if one is down on eggs.


urbanproject, Apr 26, 2:51am
Thank you! I started making the meatballs and they formed well, I just wasn't sure whether they'd stay that way once they started to cook. Thanks again.

aphra1, Apr 26, 2:59am
Could you please qualify what constitutes "good quality" meat in this instance. If you were usingminced beef, for example, would that be the leaner option? Just out of interest.

ferita, Apr 26, 3:10am
I meant high animal protein content not some sausage mix that was mainly additives like TVP. It is the protein in the meat that coagulates so mixing mince meat with some very high quality sausage meat will work as well as having eggs. Adding some breadcrumbs and milk and Parmesan will also act as a binder

motorbo, Apr 26, 4:35am
using frozen mince is usually the cause of them falling apart

karenz, Apr 26, 4:59am
I have never used an egg or breadcrumbs (personally I think adding breadcrumbs takes away a lot of the taste, though it does make the meat go further). I just cook onion and garlic, and sometimes grated carrot, then after it has cooled off add that to the raw mince and form into meatballs. As ferita said some parmesan is also a good addition as are fresh or dried herbs.

kcak, Apr 26, 6:43am
Grated raw potato works well to bind meatballs/patties and adds moisture.

tasmum, Apr 26, 10:33pm
The best I've tried and have kept using , is from the HFG magazine. 500g good quality mince, garlic,
Tomatoe paste(can't remember as i use a sachet)3 slices brown bread made into crumbsFresh herbs, chopped. Mix, roll into little balls, bake 180 for about 20 mins. I put them into mini muffin tins and makes quite a lot. Sorry can't be exact on recipie quanitys. I'm upstairs and the recipie is downstairs...

rainrain1, Mar 8, 7:53am
Here you go:-)
Porcupine Meat Balls... . 1/2 cup rice, 675gr mince, 1 small onion chopped fine, 1 sm tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, 1/2 tsp dry mustard, 1 (310gr) tomato soup. METHOD Wash rice and mix with meat, onion, salt, pepper and mustard. Form into balls and place in casserloe dish, add soup plus 1 can water and bake mod oven 1 + 1/2 hrs aprox