Butter Chicken,,,,

walkyluvva, Aug 7, 9:02am
Had a beut Butter chicken meal the other night at the mall. Creamy, smokey, sweet, , , , Anyone recommend any supermarket brands which are good. Thanks

sleyle, Aug 7, 9:09am
The best butter chicken mix I have found is at this site:


It's so authentic and tastes just like the indian restaurant versions.

walkyluvva, Aug 7, 10:26am
Wow, looks like its worth a try. yummy

toadfish, Aug 7, 10:55am
We like Pataks Butter Chicken... the closest I have found to our favourite indian Restaurant.

charyn1, Aug 7, 1:29pm
The Maggi packet 1 is good, even though it comes in a packet

rolznsp, Aug 7, 10:45pm
Tandoori Palace is the supermarket brand we use. Its in a jar and it is beautiful!

wron, Aug 8, 12:00am
Tandoori Palace - is that a stand alone brand and what supermarket do you get it from? Also has anyone tried the packets of Butter Chicken spices available on TM - different to the above website, come from Tauranga I think. Thanks.

maycey, Aug 8, 12:25am
I've found the asian home gourmet one the best.

carriebradshaw, Aug 8, 12:29am
I've tried alot of the supermarket butter chicken sauces/pastes etc and never had any that have been outstanding.
Last sunday on tv3 there was a cooking show on India and they showed you how to make a supposedly authentic butter chicken. I've been on the website and downloaded the recipe, so wil be interesting to see how it turns out.

sleyle, Aug 8, 12:31am
Can you post a link please carrie?

milig, Aug 8, 1:40pm
I am from North India where this dish originated and the recipe was really close to the real thing. One secret ingredient which will bring this dish even more alive is dried Fenugreek leaves , also called Kasuri Methi found in any indian grocery shop and can be added to the spice mixture. It's got an awesome aroma. Store bought sauces are really useless as butter chicken uses cream for the sauce, not yoghurt as some of these store bought ones have. Also using boneless chicken thighs will make a great difference ( chicken on bone is even better as the bones got a lot of flavour too) as the meat is not dry, rather soft and juicy when it cooks in thesauce unlike breast meat.

milig, Aug 8, 1:45pm
the link is as follows
. aspx

carriebradshaw, Aug 10, 5:55am
I have made the butter chicken recipe that I mentioned for the first time tonight.
It's yummy! Not sweet, but tangy and creamy. Will def make it again.

payntr, Aug 11, 4:08am
what amount of this do i add to the spice mix

darlingmole, Aug 23, 3:26am
Well I bought this last week and had it at the weekend using chicken thigh pieces on the bone. Total rave reviews from the entire family! ! Personally I thought it was a wee bit on the sweet side but definately worth buying again

sleyle, Aug 24, 7:34am
Glad to hear darlingmole.I always get rave reviews as well!

darlingmole, Aug 24, 7:51am
yep so thanx heaps sleyle ... I'm SO over buying supermarket stuff that tasts zero like butter chicken.It's really nice spices they make, may be I'll chuck in a bit of chili next time or curry powder to take the sweet taste (that I taste, no one else can).But from memory the butter chicken we buy from take aways is tandoori chicken eh? so that's probs why I think it tastes a wee bit diff

biddy6, Aug 25, 9:13am
I made this recipe tonight and although it was just a tad too hot chilli wise for my tastes, it was blooming beautiful all the same and I'll be making it again before the week is out!

I couldn't source the dried fenugreek leaves that milig mentioned, in my town, but will pick some up when I go to the city next week.

karenz, Aug 26, 6:41am
I bought a spice mix packet at the supermarket, it was made by SPICE AND EASY and contained 6 little sachets of whole spices and ground spices, you also had to add, along with chopped boneless chicken thighs, fresh ginger and garlic, yoghurt, cream, lemon juice and butter.It was absolutely the best butter chicken I have ever had and that includes at any restaurant.The chicken was marinated in the yoghurt and some of the spices first and was really tender.

darlingmole, Aug 26, 9:14am
which supermarket did you buy it from karenz? as I might well give it a whirl even though I did think the stuff I used - scroll up - was very easy and delicious

ziggy16, Aug 26, 9:27am
yeah until they changed it to the New Recipe which I now don't like

darlingmole, Aug 26, 9:32am
ziggy ~ the one I tried from butterchicken.com is really good, NOTHING like store bought, totally like what you get from the local Indian Restaurant ... it's so good

loulou104, Mar 3, 4:18pm
thumbs up for pataks butter chicken. yum, yum, yum!!!Its the best supermarket one our family likes.