Wholewheat flour recipes needed

bobsey3, Aug 12, 10:01pm
Anybody have any great recipes made with wholewheat flour, sweet or savoury, mine are all horrible. I am specially interested in anything for school lunchtins.

cookessentials, Aug 12, 10:07pm
You can use whole wheat flour in carrot cake.

cookessentials, Aug 12, 10:08pm
mp;fp=a719dd7f82b113a7 - quite a large link, but you may find some helpful ideas here too.

bobsey3, Aug 12, 11:20pm
thanks, I will check it out but I have spent so much time and money trying new recipes that I just want a few tried and tested favourites please.

cookessentials, Aug 12, 11:53pm
apart from a bread and the carrot cake, i don't really use whole wheat flour, but I am sure there will be someone who can help you.

uli, Aug 13, 12:50am
I mill my own grains if I want to bake something (rarely lately), so I use freshly milled flour from whole grains.

What do you want to know exactly - and what sort of "whole grains" do you use? Real freshly milled or supermarket "so-called" wholemeal?

And what sort of recipes are you after?

If you just want to replace white flour with wholemeal then all you have to do is add more liquid. Everything else can be the same.

bobsey3, Aug 13, 2:36am
I would love to mill my own grains but am not there yet, so just bought wholewheat meal is what I meant. I am new to this so which ones do you recommend I buy if I am not milling? and how much extra liquid do I add, about half more?

uli, Aug 13, 6:16am
I would only buy the stuff in a health food shop - as what you get in a supermarket is not really wholemeal - it is white flour and sanitized bran, otherwise it wouldn't keep. The germ is taken off as that is the fatty bit which would go rancid over time. Once you buy from the health food shop keep it in the fridge or freezer. You can also buy in bigger quantities from Ceres or Chantals and it will be cheaper - google them for more info.

I would add about 1/4 more liquid than stated in the recipe. If you bake yeast or sourdough bread it is not as critical, as you can always correct by adding more flour or more liquid once the dough has been standing for a bit. Recipes with baking powder are more tricky, as you cannot really let the dough stand to expand, as the baking powder will start reacting, so you need to bake it immediately.

As I rarely use recipes it is a bit hard for me to give you more exact advice. Try out with adding more liquid and see how you go. Experience is better than recipes, as even from one season to the next the flour can be different, depending on the weather etc. , so learning how the dough must look or feel is the best way if you want to go for wholegrain flour in the long run.

Good luck!

bobsey3, Aug 14, 1:03am
Thanks Uli that is very valuable info. How do you make your pizza bases?

amsandlant, Aug 14, 2:09am
I use it most in bread recipes & I've found my banana cake recipe works very nicely with wholewheat flour instead of white:-)

anna787, Jan 23, 4:44pm
I use half white and half wholemeal for banana cake and it turns out lovely