Do I have to use sunflower oil?

pedro6000, Aug 11, 9:52pm
I have a recipe that uses sunflower oil. I don't have any and am wondering if I can use another type of oil. Canola, olive or vege? Thanks

245sam, Aug 11, 10:05pm
pedro6000, sometimes it can be essential that the oil as stated in a recipe is the one that is used but that is when the flavour of the oil contributes to the overall flavour of the 'dish' using the oil - in the case of baking that is not usually the case so can I assume that it is a cake recipe that has the sunflower oil? If so, I suggest that you don't use olive oil but that you use either of the other oils that you mentioni. e. canola or vegetable - in that order would be my preference.

Hope that helps. :-))

pedro6000, Aug 11, 10:11pm
Thanks 245sam.
It's a savoury muffin recipe (ham/corn). Does that make a difference?

meescha, Aug 11, 10:18pm
Please dont use Canola Oil, this oil can be dangerous for your health. I realize its in almost every bread you buy, which is why I dont buy. Please read the website below, in fact lots of info if you google.

245sam, Aug 11, 10:33pm
pedro6000, as it's for a savoury muffin the olive oil may be ok unless it's extra virgin olive oil because the flavour of it may be too strong - although I am aware that it is not unknown to use EV olive oil for baking IMO it is not usual to do so. :-))

uli, Aug 11, 10:33pm
Careful meescha - people here do not want to be lectured on healthy eating in the recipe section of this board - you need to start a thread in health ... LOL

I agree and would never use any seed oils if I can help it - I certainly do not make a religion out of it and if invited or eating out I eat what is there.

However if I can choose I use animal fats and olive oil, rather than any seed oils - and that includes the wonderful sunflower oil too.

For a savoury muffin you can use olive oil I would think. Try it and report back :)

245sam, Aug 11, 10:37pm
pedro6000, if you choose to follow meescha's advice IMO your only option for those muffins may be the vegetable oil.
Personally I do not now use canola or 'vegetable' oil. :-))

ferita, Aug 12, 1:53am
What a load of urban legend rubbish. asp

lyl_guy, Aug 12, 6:14am
Can I use this thread to ask... . if a recipe says vegetable oil... . (and I don't have any) can I use olive oil, or would it be better to use peanut oil... it's for a 'pancit' recipe which is almost exactly like a chop suey? ? ?

winnie231, Aug 12, 6:17am
Either one would be fine lyl_guy ... sometimes when cooking it's a case of "don't sweat the small stuff"

lyl_guy, Aug 12, 6:20am
lol, thanks winnie, I'm a bit of a novice.

winnie231, Aug 12, 6:40am
Sometimes a particular oil can influence the flavour of a dish majorly - sesame for example should be used sparingly ... in general though - substituting one oil for another won't spoil the dish.

rainrain1, Aug 12, 8:30pm
I wonder would someone like to list what oils they use for salads, baking, everyday cooking etc... . I find it all very confusing.

davidt4, Aug 12, 8:55pm
European food - extra virgin olive oil, butter, walnut oil
Asian food - peanut oil, sesame oil in small quantities for flavour
Indian food - ghee, coconut oil
Middle Eastern food - extra virgin olive oil
Baking - butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil.

uli, Aug 12, 9:26pm
I use olive oil for cooking and salads and animal fats or coconut oil for frying. Animal fats and virgin coconut oil are stable, so can stand high heat better.

I do not use any seed oils (canola, rice bran, sunflower, thistle, soy, corn etc), as these are very high in Omega 6 fatty acids which will skew the balance of Omega3 to Omega6.

This is especially important if you also eat grains (bread, pasta, rice, cornfed chicken, cakes etc) because then the balance will go even further down the Omega6 track which is not what the body needs. A ratio of 1:1 is ideal, but unachievable with modern eating habits.

Some scientists are now proving that too much Omega6 is responsible for inflammatory responses in the body, and there is a lot of research going on into that direction now.

If you are keen to know more google it or read slowly through the food lies thread. This is too much info to write it all up here.

buzzy110, Jan 20, 11:19am
Personally I have used EV olive oil in my cake baking. I have a beautiful carrot cake recipe that requires oil and I think the strong, intense flavour of EV olive oil just added to the flavour not detracted.

However, in saying that I realise that people don't actually like 'flavours' and prefer something more bland, with sugar being the overriding flavour mixed with some acceptable fruits and spices.

Therefore #1 you must decide, first whether you are happy to consume oils that are chemically extracted and partially hydrogenated to prevent rancidity and a few other things and secondly whether you would like or dislike the peppery taste of EV olive oil or prefer a less flavour intrusive product and then go from there.

You always have a choice. Your finished product will look exactly the same and have the same texture, whatever oil is used, just may have a different taste.