Replacing 100g butter with oil?

maycey, Jun 12, 6:44am
How much oil would be needed to replace 100g of butter in a chocolate cake?


jills3, Jun 12, 7:13am
whatabout 100g marge, dont know about oil.

babytears, Jun 12, 8:23am
I would melt the butter and get an idea ... for instance if 100g butter reduced to 50ml when melted, i'd just use that much in oil...

babytears, Jun 12, 8:24am
I guess that's not much help if you have no butter tho...

patsy3, Jun 12, 9:50am
Might be a bit late for you,,But
Quite good tips for baking.

maycey, Jun 13, 4:25am
Thanks just doing some research for a friend.

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