Vegetable oil in chocolate cake?

jenniebee, Apr 7, 5:21am
Can't say I've made a cake with oil instead of butter, but an american recipe I found has good reviews. What is the best oil to use for a cake? I don't know much about oils other than they go in my frying pan! Popping down to the supermarket in a tick so suggestions would be good :)

jenniebee, Apr 7, 5:24am

joybells2, Apr 7, 5:28am
I always use canola oil in my cakes.

jenniebee, Apr 7, 5:33am

gardie, Apr 7, 6:02am
I'd only ever use canola if I had nothing else.I think you need to go with a tasteless oil.I always thought that grapeseed was the best and used this in all my cakes until I started using rice bran oil - now I have both in the cupboard and alternate.Rice bran is cheaper.I also prefer it in mayonnaise.

spoeklet, Apr 7, 7:10am
I use Canola as well. Please share the recipe! Yum!

jenniebee, Apr 7, 8:27am
It's just a very simple one, for simple minded people like me :o) but it looks yum and everyone that reviewed it seemed to like it. Getting started now (a bit late but little boys birthday on Saturday) :

spoeklet, Apr 7, 8:39am
Oooh, thanks!! It looks so yummy - I'm going to make it tomorrow.

jenniebee, Apr 7, 10:19am
Holy Moses this cake rocks!!! Wow! I'm so use to my edmonds "one egg chocolate sponge", but this cake makes the edmonds one taste like cardboard! I've never used vinegar and coffee in a chocolate cake, and certainly never a whole cup of cocoa, so I was a bit hesitant. But man!!! Good luck son getting your birthday cake... mumas guna eat it all tonight!!!

winnie15, Apr 8, 7:30am
Oooo im going to make this cake .. the coffee sounds good in it!

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