Vegetable Stock - I have about 3 litres to use up

lukn4bargans, Jun 29, 12:08am
Anyone got some good hearty meals I can make using the stuff?

I had lots of vege off cuts after making a chicken soup the other day and I could bare the thought of waste disposalling them so I chucked 'em in a pot and made stock, I added a little to a white sauce I made last night... any other ideas please?


malcovy, Jun 29, 12:12am
You could freeze it in containers ie 1 cup. This is what I do and it works great for me.

cookessentials, Jun 29, 12:34am
well, you could do a good hearty ham hock soup, but also you could freeze what ever is left over as malcovy said.

jaybee2003, Jun 29, 1:45am
Use it as the liquid in a rice risotto... . .

uli, Jun 29, 1:48am
Freeze it in portions - why make a huge effort "to use it up"?

And if you can - in future compost it - rather than waste diposalled it LOL :)

fifie, Jun 29, 1:52am
Make curried cauliflower soup in your Slow cooker and use some in that. .

elliehen, Sep 15, 4:14am
Now here's a good (and concise! ) idea. But if you don't have the time to compost seriously, you can do at least two other things:

+ chop the leftover peelings quite small and scatter them onto your garden, preferably in a place where you won't mind if the birds throw them about

+ start a trench in a fallow part of your garden (vege or flower) and each day or two put your peelings in the trench and turn over a spadeful of earth on top, thus creating the next part of the trench

You'll be surprised how quickly this breaks down into the soil, and is an easy way to return nutrients to your garden.

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