laidybug, Feb 21, 3:48am
i heard it was nice, but not sure of timing heating and of course flavour. and can i crackle skin please!

rainrain1, Feb 21, 3:57am
Doesn't make nice crackle

laidybug, Feb 21, 3:59am
how do i cook pork hock please

rainrain1, Feb 21, 4:03am
I like to roast mine long and slow. It would be nice in the crock pot... Sorry I have no special recipes for hocks

245sam, Feb 21, 4:23am
laidybug, here's a link that you may find helpful:-

/cutID/9/methodID/0/recipeID/71/recipeTypeID/0/Default. aspx

darlingmole, Feb 21, 5:20am
once again 245sam to the fore! I don't care what anyone says Sam - you're a legend and veritable fountain of knowledge on these here boards we cruise

cookessentials, Aug 26, 5:16pm
I have never rosted it. I use them for making my soup - I pop into the crockpot until meat falls from the bone and shred, then add all my other ingredients.

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