Pork hock . help please .

shedz2, Dec 19, 6:29am
Have a couple of pork hocks in the freezer, from our latest home grown pig. Have never cooked them before, but reckon they should come out really "gluey" and melt off the bone (bit like lamb shanks maybe!!).
Can anyone tell me the best way to cook them, so that they turn out edible and yummy!
Thanks for your help :)

kay141, Dec 19, 6:42am
I slow roast mine. I split the skin if I can, put them on a bed of sliced onions, pour in some cider and cook covered. I have done them in the oven, the dish covered with tinfoil or in the electric frypan with vents closed. You don't get crackling but you could grill that later. Next I'm going to try the slowcooker.

shedz2, Dec 19, 8:49am
Thanks kay141 - might try it in the oven as suggested :)

bisloy, Dec 19, 8:54am
I just slowly roast mine with garlic and salt, then pop the veges in half way through.

dreamers, Dec 19, 8:55am
Slow cooker ,with vinegar ,brown sugar and BBQ Hickory sauce,falls off the bone and tastes like spare ribs.

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