Homemade chips???

ems5, Aug 10, 1:04am
ok, dumb question I know but I am a bit of a cooking novice. Want to make homemade fish and chips tonight, but what is the best way to make the chips? ? Homemade from scratch not as in oven fries from the freezer.


red2, Aug 10, 1:15am
Real easy to do wedges - cut potatoes into wedge shapes , place in a roasting pan , spray with cooking oil , sprinkle with some herbs of your choice, some salt and pepper . Preheat your oven to 200 degrees and allow cooking time of around 45 minutes . Give them a turn over or a shake after the first 20 mins. Ready when they are golden and soft

joseph2404, Aug 10, 1:18am
wash the starch off the potatoe first

beaker59, Aug 10, 1:21am
Agree with Red thats almost exactly what I do.

ems5, Aug 10, 1:23am
Yay, thank you! ! ! ! Tried googling it but they were all fried, and I wanted to do baked! ! !

nauru, Aug 10, 3:14am
I cook my wedges/chips in micro for 5 mins then mix 1 tablsp olive oil, mixed herbs, cumin & paprika together put wedges in and toss to coat. Put on a tray in mod for oven 15-20 mins.

fisher, Aug 10, 5:57am
I have two methods of doing chips...
First in an electric frypan. . (not a frypan) and second for deep frying in a deep fryer. .
Deep Fryer:
Peel long large spuds and slice down each side about 1. 5 cm thick. .
Now slice these again 1. 5 cm thick. . DRY THEM. . ! ! ! !
Into basket in deep fryer ant 170c and lower slowly... Let cook, shaking until just coloured and raise basket and set in the holder... When ready to serve your meal. turn up temp to 180c and lower chips into oil cooking till golden brown. . you can tell when they are ready because they will "float". . This is "double cooking" and you will end up with nice crisp chips...
Electric Frypan:so moreish and my favourite...
Cut your spuds the same way as above. . good lot of rice bran oil and spread your chips about to one layer... LID ON...
cook, turning each one as to brown ... keep turning and later set the lid "sideways, offset" as not to cover the whole electric frypan. .
You will end up with softish scrummy chips...

fisher, Aug 10, 6:00am
ems5 ... just slice/chop as i have recommended and place on an oven tray which has been lined with baking paper. . spray with olive oil to coat and sprinkle chicken salt and plain salt all over...
Under grill, turning as required spraying with olive oil if needed. .

ems5, Aug 11, 4:12am
Thank you red2. Did exactly what you suggested and they were SOOOO good! ! !

Won huge brownie points with DH, apparently I am now the worlds best wife ;)

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