veggies on a bbq

nattles88, Feb 20, 6:29am
my fiance has kindly offered to cook diner on the bbq. The veggies I have on offer are, carrot, potato, pumpkin, corn cobs, tomato and zuchinni. WHich ones cook best on abbq and how can I do it?

245sam, Aug 24, 11:50am
nattles88, IMO all of those vegetables could be cooked from raw on the barbecue, with the possible exception of the carrots which I would probably par-cook first. This how we would do those vegetables -

potato and pumpkin - peel if you wish, then slice, about 2m thick
zucchini - no need to peel, just cut either into 2cm thick slices or quarter each zucchini lengthwise
corn cobs - either cut into 2cm thick slices or leave whole (probably best to par-cook first if leaving the cobs whole)
carrots - par-cook as suggested above, then slice or leave whole
tomato - just halve each one
With the exception of the tomatoes - once the vegetables are prepared I then place them in a plastic bag with 1 or 2 spoonfuls of oil and toss them to coat each piece in oil, then tip them on to the barbecue.
To keep their shape the tomatoes will only need to be warmed through and that takes very little time - if overcooked the tomatoes will just collapse.
Season the vegetables either while they are cooking or once cooked.

Hope that helps/:-))

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