Spuds into Chips homemade & frozen

purrcatt, Feb 18, 6:40am
Hubby suggested I cook some of our home grown Potatos into chips frozen in the freezer for use throughout the year. I have never done this - has anyone else & what are your tips for success.

gussiej, Feb 18, 7:39am
bump because I'd like to know also.

kob, Feb 18, 5:19pm
hi purrcatt they are a gr8 thing to have if youve got scrummy h/m spuds that taste super, just cook them as you would chips normally BUT only cook them for 2 mins so they have a precook then free flow and freeze, if your oil is hot as and clean they will seperate easy as.
It is a lot of work tho but for yummy chips well worth it

purrcatt, Feb 19, 7:57am
I've been busy googling this and I found a couple of suggestions, ie making sure the potatos have been out of the ground 30 days and I found a site saying to cut them up and part boil then freeze on baking paper and then bag up and when you go to cook them, toss in couple of table spoons of oil then oven bake.

I'm going to try this method and also 'kob's method - cheers

elliehen, Feb 19, 10:17am
Slightly off topic, but if you ever want a quick fix of chips without all the deep fry fat, cut a few potatoes into shoestrings, spray lightly with cooking oil spray and grill them on a baking tray, turning once and taking care not to burn them.

lythande1, Feb 19, 8:31pm
You could I suppose but when I want chips I just peel and cut my potatoes, toss in a bit of oil, put in a baking dish and cook until golden and crispy on the outside.
To freeze, you cook them for a short time first, not all the way, then you can freeze ready to recook later.

elliehen, Aug 23, 6:44am
Agreed, they're tastier and lighter when baked and I do that too, but I also don't turn on the oven unless I really plan to use it for more than one thing, so the grill idea really is just the quick fix... .

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