Suggestions for cooking Turkey breasts please

tmh, Jul 11, 12:52am
We have a heap of turkey breasts and would like some suggestions on how to cook it. Any nice receipes? cheers

tmh, Jul 11, 1:23am
Thanks Rog, we don't have a complete turkey, only the breasts so not sure how to cook without them turning out dry. I suppose I could use some of the stuffing recipes to stuff the breasts and wrap some bacon around them.
Thanks for the links. :)

fisher, Jul 11, 1:56am
Make a garlic salt paste, add white pepper, butter, fine chopped rosemary and lemon zest. . Mix all well and place under skin and squeeze about and smooth out. .
Slice 2 capsicums, green and red from the core down to make 6 - 8 pieces. . remove pith and drizzle over olive oil and sprinkle over rosemary . . Place in roasting dish shiny side up and put the turkey breast skin side up on top, squeeze lemon juice all over and roast gently in pre heated oven at 160-170c. . You can baste this with any left over butter mix and 45 mins should see it near done. . thermometer at 80c should be about right. . remove and cover with foil to rest for 15mins and meanwhile check the capsicums for doneness, turning up to grill to finish off if needed...

darlingmole, Jul 11, 4:07am
In probability (if I was lucky enough to have some turkey around! ) I'd cook it with mixed herbs and freshly squeezed orange in an oven bag. It always comes out divine ...

red2, Jul 11, 10:18pm
may I ask where you got the turkey breasts from ? I love turkey but not inclined to cook a whole bird when I have cravings for it ! ! Thanks ...

wellygoggles, Oct 20, 6:12pm
Foodtown Takapuna occasionally sell Tegal turkey breasts. I wish it was a more popular meat as in the UK & America as it is low calorie