I have turkey legs . to cook!

samanya, Dec 31, 11:29pm
That's a good result . well done.
Just goes to show that innovation/personal style is a good thing & I'm sure that's how recipes have evolved, over time.
If we all stuck to what we have always done, how boring would that be?

sampa, Jan 4, 10:06am
Thanks for coming back to share the results bisloy. :) Sounds so yummy, I can't wait to try for ourselves! When we do I'll dig up this thread and post our results here too.

bisloy, Nov 14, 10:12pm
I have turkey legs that I was going brown in the pan then put in the crockpot on a bed of rice with stock and veges, but then i thought about those King's soup mixes and wondered if I reduce the liquid if they would be good . ?
What do y'all think?

sampa, Nov 14, 11:41pm
Sure, why not. It's about time we got a bit more creative with turkey down here, such a good tasting lean meat - it seems a shame that it really only comes into its own around Christmas. Here's a similar take on what you've mentioned bisloy. thought you might like some guidelines to go by and the reassurance that others have been down the same (similar) thought path with their turkey legs . to cook that is lol . before you.


bisloy, Nov 15, 12:40am
I never thought of smoking them! My husband will be excited - he loves smoking fish and lamb and loves turkey legs, so he will definitely want to add this to his yummy repertoire!

uli, Nov 15, 4:07am
I would certainly cook the rice separately, as the legs might take hours to cook and rice only takes 15 minutes.

I had turkey legs only once and they had some mean sinews in them and I never went there again.

Mind you now I have so many chickens and soup hens running around the place I do not need any turkeys.

sampa, Nov 15, 4:28am
I know. The recipe was supposed to be a guideline for you but as soon as I read 'smoked turkey legs' I tried to get hold of some raw legs - of the turkey variety but - sadly not in stock with the local butcher this week, for hubby to smoke as well!

If you go ahead and smoke yours please come back to report results. We'd be very interested to know how they turn out.

uli, Nov 15, 4:34am
Get some chicken legs instead.

sampa, Nov 15, 5:07am
No, want to try smoked turkey. Smoked chicken is a regular with us. something different will be interesting. How will we know if we like it or not without trying for ourselves?

Got to give new things a go from time to time.

uli, Nov 15, 8:47pm
Yes i saw that in another thread:

How was it?

sampa, Nov 15, 9:26pm
See the bit where it says 'Replace shrimp with mealworms'? I ignored that part.

Next time I may add smoked turkey instead. :)

bisloy, May 19, 12:44am
I marinaded them in salt and brown sugar overnight then filled two dishes with meths and put them on the rack. After they were smoked I put them on a bed of rice and vegetables and chicken stock, covered and baked until tender.
They were SOOO GOOOD! highly recommended.

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