Turkey soak recipe for yummy tasting turkey..

timetable, May 28, 6:31pm
hi all... well for those thinking about doing mid winter christmas dinner just to share that for the last 2 christmas's we have soaked our turkey in nigella's brine for 3 days and have to say that it has been the best tasting turkey ever - so moist! ! then using herbed butter under the skin on the breast and folks its wonderful heaven in a mouth full! ! ... ... . .

hort1, May 29, 8:50am
Can you explain what is nigellas brine ? even a recipe for it would be great.

pickles7, May 29, 9:43am
http://foodgloriousfood-toto. blogspot.com/2008/12/ode-to-nig

pickles7, May 29, 9:45am

pickles7, May 29, 9:52am
even better. . http://www.foodnetwork-

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