Buying flour/suger etc in bulk

chevvette, Jul 10, 7:41pm
just wondering what people use to store the flour in once the packets are open. do you need to worry about airtight containers or do you just fold the bags over at the top? ?

lulu239, Jul 10, 8:18pm
Sugar definitely in an airtight container. We have ants galore. It also can go hard if not stored in a dry place. As for flour, it also is stored in a container once it is opened.

cookessentials, Jul 10, 8:18pm
I have enamel tins with airtight seals for mine. If you are going to fold the bag over ( for bulk bags) make sure you have them closed securely as you dont want moths/weevils etc having a party in your flour!

chevvette, Jul 10, 8:28pm
thanks for that lulu239 ans cooks. what containers can you get that are big enough to store 5kgs of flour/sugar? ? ?

lilyfield, Jul 10, 8:41pm
I buy 20 kg flour and transferin to (clean) paint buckets, left from last house painting job. Flour works out

@ 83 c a kilo, less if on special at Gilmours.

greerg, Jul 12, 9:53am
I keep all dry goods in containers with airtight lids since I bought a bag of sushi rice that had weevils. The little beasts got into everythingthat wasn't sealed and even crawles up the threads of a couple of plastic containers that the kids had not screwed down properly. I threw out everything that was infested, used flyspray and washed out the whole cupboard but I must have missed a couple because a week or two later they were back in force. A very expensive bag of sushi rice in the end!

lulu239, Jul 12, 6:24pm
I use plastic containers that will take 3kg of sugar. For my flour, unless I am dong a lot of baking for a cake stall, I buy in smaller quantities for freshness. You can always get two of the same size for your flour and split a big bag. Ants are my biggest problem and like greerg the beasties crawl up the threads of containers not screwed up properly.

waswoods, Jul 13, 1:12am
Spread some dry bay leaves around - that will keep the weevils away

greerg, Jul 13, 4:43am
Will try that thanks - never want to deal with weevils again.

lythande1, Jul 13, 10:34pm
Flour - bought a large nappy bucket with lid.
Sugar - I don't.

wheelz, Jul 13, 11:26pm
If you have a Countdown store by you. Ask if they have any empty, or will save you some empty buckets with lids. (They have syrups etc arrive in them, and usually toss when empty. )They easily hold 10kg... good for storing dog bikkies too !

cgvl, Oct 25, 2:44pm
I have an old tupperware container holds the equavilent of about 1 gallon which is around 4. 5lt. This takes a 5kg bag of flour easily and I use the slightly smaller size container for sugar.

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