Hi cookessentials. i finally got around to making

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lynja, Jun 30, 7:05am
your pumpkin loaves. just out of the oven and they smell DELICIOUS. do you butter slices or eat as cake? I plan to take some to work tomorrow and would like to do it justice.

cookessentials, Jun 30, 7:15am
Hi Lynja, it is entirely up to you. They are very moist, so you dont really need butter on them, but if that is what you like, then by all means, spread with a little butter. I usually cut each loaf in half ( for two of us) and freeze the other half. They freeze beautifully and they also keep really well. Let me know what you think after you have tried them.

melford, Jun 30, 8:48am
I have to say your pumpkin loaves were fabulous cookessentials. Thank you

kamitchell, Jun 30, 9:36am
Ooh what's the recipe? Is it a sweet loaf or more of a pumpkin bread? We have heaps of pumpkins, and always keen to try something new

melford, Jun 30, 10:33am
Here's the recipe. They are sweet loaves that yopu can either butter or leave plain. They are wonderful and really do stay so moist as Pam says. Enjoy!

Pam's Pumpkin Loaves (makes two)
3 cups of castor sugar
1 cup salad/sunflower oil
4 eggs, lightly beaten
3 & 1/2 cups plain flour
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
2/3 cup water
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp allspice
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground cloves
(tsp of spices do not need to be level - up to you, but I like spicy. )
500g pumpkin, cooked and mashed
(cut pumpkin into big chunks-leave the skin on and put into a microwave proof dish with a little water and cover with gladwrap-leave a loose corner for steam to escape. Cook for 8-9 minutes-just be careful removing the wrap-its hot! ! When it is cool enough to handle, slice the skin off with a sharp paring knife).
Cream sugar and oil with electric mixer in LARGE bowl, add eggs and pumpkin, mix well. Sift dry ingredients and add alternately with the water. Grease and flour your loaf tins. When you fill them, they will be close to the top of the tin. Using a cup to get mixture into tins -gets them even. Bake at 175c for 1 & 1/2 hours. Let them stand 10 minutes before turning out. NOTE:These will rise VERY high in the tin, so don't panic. I test mine with a skewer in the middle because they sometimes need a little extra time. They freeze beautifully and they keep moist for ages too. Anyone who does not like pumpkin-just tell them it is a spice loaf- I can bet they will love it. .

cookessentials, Jun 30, 6:50pm
Thanks for that melford, much appreciated.

maynard9, Jun 30, 9:41pm
Agreed - these are our favourite loaves and do freeze well. Even my son's flat love them - so that says it all! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

lynja, Jul 1, 5:50am
Thank you cookessentials they are LOVELY! i did butter the slices but can also imagine them served as cake with cream cheese icing.
delicious, likeyour lemon cake they will now be a firm favourite.

lindi4, Jul 1, 5:55am
Cookessentials... You are a fabulous cook. . I love every recipe you put on the net... do you have your own web site or did you ever produce a recipe book?

cookessentials, Jul 1, 8:16am
I have a website and a shop. No, no cookbook though, although a number of people have suggested it... dont think that would sit too well with those here that think I am just some "shop person" who copy and pastes everything off Google LOL. Started just as an online store and have progressed to opening my own store as well. No doubt these comments will attract someones attention to claim I am "self promoting" buy hey ho, there you go. I just love cooking, our whole family loves to cook and we exchange recipes as well as having alot of good tried and true family recipes such as the pumpkin loaves and lemon yoghurt cake. My Mum is a great cook, so we are always trying new things.

lynja, Jul 1, 6:56pm
i love the way you share your recipes. something i try and do myself.
thanks again

cookessentials, Jul 1, 9:00pm
You are most welcome. That is what I love about the recipe section - those that are happy to share their recipes and those that are appreciative of them.

lulu239, Jul 1, 10:58pm
Hi Pam. I made your Gingerbread Loaves the other day and they are very nice and moist. I have four things in the tins at the moment and the gingerbread is the one Neal goes for first.
When I have multiple recipes of something in my folder I try them out and make a note like the best size of tin, too dry or whatever and the best ones get a tick. That way if I haven't made a certain thing for some time, I'm not left wondering "which one? "

cookessentials, Jul 1, 11:15pm
Glad you like them. You could also probably do them in the mini loaf pans- it would make quite a few I would say!
Another great recipe which i think is on the ginger gems thread is my Mum's ginger parkin which is a Yorkshire recipe ( which is where she is from) it is dark, moist and sticky and great with a nice cup of tea!

indy95, Jul 1, 11:47pm
Thought I would just add a note here to say these loaves are also scrumptious when made with cooked, very well drained and pureed carrots. I did this recently when I needed to produce a contribution to a morning tea and it worked out really well.

Also, to cookessentials, if you want to publish a cookbook, just go ahead and do it. Who hasn't used recipes from the web, after all that's what they are there for, surely? As we all know, there are tens of thousands available to anyone with enough common sense to find them and so long as the source of the recipe is acknowledged there is no problem. It really does not matter what anyone else thinks.

In fact, I will happily order several copies in advance right now, both for myself and to give as future presents because I am certain that this book will be worth having !

One extra thought just in case anyone has jumped to the wrong conclusion. I do not know cookessentials in any capacity and will probably never meet her.

cookessentials, Jul 2, 12:11am
I have had an offer from a local publisher, however, it is not really in the budget at the moment and there are so many cookbooks available. I do have a few on the webiste, but have not had the time to add any more just yet- it is a bit of a juggle at times running the shop, website and Trademe sales and having a life in between LOL.
I do like the sound of the carrot one too and you could also add some sultanas or something as well.

indy95, Jul 2, 12:20am
Yes, I can imagine you do not have a great deal of spare time.

I didn't think of adding any dried fruit to the loaves but was quite pleased that I found a different way of using up leftover veges and everyone seemed to enjoy the result !

cookessentials, Jul 2, 12:42am
Yes, I think that is a great idea. A bit like a carrot loaf-so with the sultanas in it as well, it would be similar and I guess if you wanted to, you could make a cream cheese icing for the top?

indy95, Jul 2, 4:29am
Of course, although I usually just make a simple butter icing and flavour it with a little lemon juice because I don't really like cream cheese icing. I have also recently made a Parsnip Cake which had sultanas and crushed pineapple in it although in that case the parsnip was raw and just grated.

cookessentials, Jul 2, 4:37am
It's amazing what you can do with some vegetables. I found the article on TVNZ the other day interesting when they were talking about the worst vegetables and Brussel sprouts were right up there. i love Brussel sprouts, mashed swede with salt and pepper and a little butter, parsnips and turnips ( I have a lovely glazed turnips recipe) Try the ginger parkin recipe if you can as well, as it is very tasty 9 my Mum's recipe)

indy95, Jul 2, 4:55am
Oooh, that Parkin recipe looks great. I absolutely love ginger and am always on the lookout for recipes ( as though I need any more ! ) I can tolerate sprouts if they haven't been boiled to a horrible mush, love parsnips and turnips, but avoid swedes like the plague.

I will certainly try your Mum's recipe.

calista, Jul 2, 6:39am
If I cook them in the mini loaf pans how long and at what temp should I do it? (These look cuter when cooking for one and I can freeze the rest).

elliehen, Jul 2, 7:40am
For all those out there whose favourite spice is ginger :)

cookessentials, Jul 2, 7:43am
Thank you elliehen, that saves people searching for the thread, much appreciated. As for the mini loaves _ I dont know as I have never done them in anything other than a medium loaf pan. I think lulu has done them in the petite loaf pan ( which is bigger than the mini loaf pans which come in a set of eight.

lulu239, Jul 3, 2:08am
i Have made the Pumpkin Loaves in the petite pan and it makes 6 loaves. They just fit nicely on the one shelf in the oven. I will get around to trying them in the mini loaves. There may be too much for the two trays so I will have my friand tray ready for the surplus if needed. (I think they will look cute! )