Thanks cookessentials

griffo4, Jul 24, 12:59am
l made your lemon yoghurt cake but l used sour cream instead as no youghurt and it is wonderful, light and fresh tasting with the lemon
l put lots of lemon zest in and juice
Thanks again l will make the salmon quiche to go with it next time it sounds like the perfect lunch

cookessentials, Jul 24, 2:55am
Hi griffo4, glad you have enjoyed it. When you next have some yoghurt, try it with that as well. You will really enjoy the salmon quiche. I sometimes use one tin of red and one tin of pink instead of all red - or just use pink as the red can get a bit pricey.

griffo4, Jul 24, 3:34am
cooks l haven't seen the red salmon, mind you l haven't looked so will keep an eye out for it and will make cake with the yoghurt as it is nice with no icing

darlingmole, Jul 24, 7:06am
oh hey cooky~! I made the pastry for the salmon quiche and you are completely bang on the money ... it was brilliant~! Doubt I'll be buying pastry again (unless I'm feeling utterly lazy! )The kids reckoned it was great too so big thanks to you

goodbooks, Jul 24, 9:48am
Would you please share your pastry recipe cookessentials - thanks

cookessentials, Jul 24, 9:54am
Hi darlingmole ( I love that name! ) i am pleased you made it- it really is so easy isn't it? and the lemon in it helps with the richness of the salmon.
Goodbooks, by all means, here is the salmon quiche recipe with the pastry ingredients and method at the beginning.

PASTRY: 1 cup plain flour;pinch salt;90g butter;1 egg yolk;1 tbsp lemon juice. FILLING: 250g can red salmon (you can use pink)4 rashers bacon;1 1/2 cups cream;3 eggs;salt & pepper;1/2 tsp paprika;2 tbs chopped parsley;1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese ( I just use the galaxy stuff in the shaker). PASTRY: Sift flour and salt into bowl, rub in butter, till it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Mix to a firm dough with beaten egg yolk and lemon juice;add 1-2 tsp of cold water if necessary. Roll out pastry on lightly floured surface to a circle big enough to fit base and sides of a 23cm metal flan tin. Lift pastry gently over a rolling pin, lift into flan tin. ease pastry into sides of tin and press into grooves of tin with fingers. Handle gently so pastry does not break (if it does, you can easily press bits of pastry on - it works fine) Roll the rolling pin over the top of tin to cut off excess pastry. Refrigerate shell one hour. Meanwhile chop bacon and fry in non-stick pan till crispy. Remove from pan and drain on absorbent paper. Put flan tin on an oven tray. Drain salmon, reserve the liquid. Flake the salmon, removing bones etc. Arrange the salmon and bacon on the base of the flan. Beat together cream, eggs, salt, pepper, cheese, -
paprika, parley and reserved salmon liquid. Carefully pour this mixture over the back of a spoon into flan tin to cover salmon and bacon. Bake in mod hot oven (190) for 10 mins, then reduce heat to mod slow (160) and cook a further 30-35 mins or until filling has set. Its lovely warm or cold. I just serve a salad and some crusty bread on the side.

goodbooks, Jul 25, 6:59am
Thanks for sharing your recipe Cookessentials :-)

cookessentials, Jul 25, 7:09am
You are very welcome, hope you enjoy it.

sumstyle, Jul 25, 8:40am
I open all threads that say "thanks cooksessentials" cos I really enjoy:
1. people's gratitude and good manners,
2. reading how Pam has helped someone else out
3. finding another recipe that c-e has shared that I might not yet have!

cookessentials, Jul 25, 10:40am
Hi sumstyle, I am glad you enjoy the recipes. Nothing beats being able to help out when i can and there are some lovely people here to help out. Have not seen you here in a while.

griffo4, Jul 25, 9:16pm
sumstyle l agree l always open them as well as there is either a great recipe or good advice
There are a few on here that are very friendly and have great recipes they share willingly it is a really nice place
Thanks and keep it up

griffo4, Dec 15, 2:00am
cooks l made it today with greek yoghurt and its really nice but my oven is now playing up and not cooking properly so l will have to make it again once oven is sorted, but it tastes great
lt is presently taking its time about cooking the Honeymoon cake you posted in another thread l just had the electrician out to fix its elements