Hi cookessentials ~

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cookessentials, Jan 1, 2:41am
Let us know what you think. We love it and it is so quick and easy.

griffo4, Jan 1, 4:24am
Thanks cooks l will be making it for the next event we go to
l just emailed another orzo recipe to my sister today but l will be sending this one on to her as well and my daughter
Off to write my shopping list

gerry64, Jan 1, 11:04pm
can I use my rice cooker for orzo!

cookessentials, Jan 1, 11:07pm
It cooks too quickly, just a pan of salted water with a little olive ol.Brinng to the boil, add the orzo and stir through. Keep an eye on it, it cooks relatively quickly, then I drain and rinse and pop it straight into the serving bowl, then add one lot of lemon zest and seasoninngs, then olive oil, the spinach leaves,mix well, then add the broken up salmon and extra zest and juice etc.

gerry64, Jan 2, 12:11am
the old boy is very good at smoking the salmon on the BBQ - uses all sorts of things mixed with green tea leaves

gerry64, Jan 3, 10:38am
cookessentials - this is a super recipe - it is 38 deg over here this evening and this dish went down a treat -

cookessentials, Jan 3, 6:17pm
Fabulous, so glad you enjoyed it.

griffo4, Jan 4, 1:20am
Did you cook the spinach or is it raw!

wheelz, Jan 4, 1:54am
raw.as in a salad leaf

cookessentials, Jan 4, 5:13am
yes, raw.the baby leaves you can get in a bag.

griffo4, Jan 4, 8:06am
l made it for dinner tonight and it was so nice and it has been eaten in no time
Thank you for posting and l thought about it after posting and thought yes the spinach would be raw

cookessentials, Jan 4, 8:22am
Glad you like it.

holly-rocks, Jan 7, 12:06am
Heya! Awesome! That lime salt sounds AMAZING ~ love anything with lime added num num num!

Ive made your recipe 2 times this week! teeeheheheee! New World had Regal salmon on special for $11 ( must better than almost $17) so got 2 packs. Will look out for that spinach and lime salt next time too.thanks!

Cool bananas will tell Mum to let you know who she is on facebook ~ she has a love hate relationship with her computer so isn't on much these days.

Thanks once again,, you rock and Have a wonderful weekend Cooks :)

cookessentials, Jan 7, 5:58am
Well, thank you and I am glad you enjoy it. The lime salt is absolutely delicious too.

hooksie60, Jan 7, 6:38am
Hi where do u buy orzo as have never seen it!

cookessentials, Jan 7, 6:42am

hooksie60, Jan 7, 6:57am
Thanks cookessentials have never seen it but will definitly look out for it.is looking forward to trying this new recipe.now will try and find you on facebook :-)

cookessentials, Jan 7, 8:42am
Brilliant, look forward to it. You can join the competition there too while you are at it.

gerry64, Jan 7, 10:37am
definitely with the pasta over here - only $1 a packet from Coles - there were two types -soup orzo and salad orzo - I have made it three times now with slight variations and all the family agree that I shouldnt bother making rice salad anymore!

turtlet, Jan 7, 11:05am
In Pak & Save Petone it's with the "exotic" type goods on top of the freezers.I have no Idea why but it took me ages to find it.There is none with the pasta.

cookessentials, Jan 7, 8:45pm
The Barilla one is available here in the box and there are others in bags.

lyl_guy, Mar 26, 4:44am
OMG I just had to bump this. made this salad today for the second time, and just had a taste from the fridge (pre-dinner, lol). it is AMAZING, and I'd recommend for everyone try it - it's also very simple!I've used the snipped dill, but I don't include the peas. it's SOOOO good!I'm going to make it for our family xmas party this year as my salad offering.

lyl_guy, Mar 26, 4:45am
Yes the barilla (Italian) one is available at all the countdowns I go to.

holly-rocks, Dec 30, 9:24pm
Heya cookessentials.

A big thank you for your amazing Hot Smoked salmon and Orzo recipe! I had Mum over yesterday (as a thank you for Xmax dinner) and made your recipe. We both loved it and will be a big fav now. My spinach bolted so i used some freshly picked sugar snap peas and it was so good. I sent her to your Facebook page as your shop looks right up her alley.

Thanks once again and I hope you have a wonderful New Years :)

cookessentials, Dec 30, 9:36pm
Hi Holly, Happy New Year to you. It is one of our favourites in this house and always so quick and easy, especially after work because I can have dinner on the table in around twenty minutes. I buy the "Sproutman" baby spinach leaves which are tsp size or slightly bigger. Sounds delish with the sugar snap peas too. I have been making it and using the Sunshine Coast lime salt as a seasoning instead of ordinary salt. Make sure Mum lets us know who she is as we have had a heap of new "likers" lately.she can enter the draw for the salad hands that's running at the moment, she just has to come up with her favourite salad recipe LOL Draw is being done later today. The salad is so easy and so tasty. I dont bother with the peas in it and sometimes omit the dill if I dont have it. I often do it as a light Summer lunch and it's always a hit.