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darlingmole, Jul 17, 3:13am
Hi ~ I read your (devine! ) salmon quiche recipe, complete with how to make the pastry. Now my question is this:having never made pastry in my life before (yes, shameful thing to admit) I want to know if it as good as the bought frozen chub ones from the supermarket before I start in on making it?

darlingmole, Jul 17, 6:15am

pickles7, Jul 17, 6:28am
why make pastry? crustless quiche . . In the search function , on your left , Write ... pickles7... on the key word member space, and scroll down to ... anytime ... on the date posted, . You may find what you are looking for there

darlingmole, Jul 17, 6:52am
I have a very good recipe for crustless quiche thanks pickles but lets face it ... there's nothing quite like muching into pastry eh? ! :-)

griffo4, Jul 17, 6:56am
darlingmole would you kindly share the recipe it sounds really nice TIA
l haven't made pastry in years so hope cooks answers l think she was going up north this weekend so might have to wait till Monday

cookessentials, Jul 17, 6:57am
Hi darlingmole. Give it a go, the lemon juice gives it quite a nice taste, far nicer than bought pastry. Not everyone wants to do a crustless quiche every time pickles, to be honest dm, you will wonder why you were so worried about doing this pastry, it really is so easy and the quiche is delicious.

darlingmole, Jul 17, 7:26am
Thanks for that cooky~! Okay griffo here's the recipe I use (very basic)

3 eggs,
1/2 C flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 & 1/4 C milk (or 50/50 milk & cream if you're not dieting! )
1 C tasty chese
1 onion, finely chopped
2 rashers bacon
(I also add spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, parsley etc - whatever I feel like)

Combine all ingredients except cheese, pour into a well greased pie dish then sprinkle with cheese/pepper/salt.

Bake at 180 deg C for 45 mins (ish)

I use to swear by using a wee bit of dried chicken stock - however as we have a good supply of eggs I don't think it's necessary to add this anymore. And when I want to be flash? I serve it with a dollop of sour cream and salsa and crisp salad. (Ohh I do love food! )

cookessentials, Jul 17, 7:49am
Thanks griffo - we head up to Auckland on Monday night. Funeral Tues afternoon, back home Wed mid morning.

pickles7, Jul 17, 10:33am
yes , I know what you are saying. . I like a firmer filling for pastry, just a preference thing. enjoy, whatever you make.

griffo4, Jul 17, 9:03pm
Thanks darlingmole but l didn't see the salmon or the pastry mix or is this a crustless quiche?
l was wanting cooks salmon quiche and with lemon in the pastry sounds nice
Sorry cooks l thought it was the weekend you were heading north l didn't realise it was a funeral hope your trip goes well

cookessentials, Jul 17, 9:28pm
Hi griffo, the salmon quiche recipe of mine has just been bumped for you. It is a loovely, creamy quiche which i often do for lunch over Summmertime with a fresh salad on the side and lemonn yoghurt cake for "afters" The funeral is my best friend who died last Tuesday, flying up tommorrow night. Not at all loooking forward to it, I can say... although knew it was coming, stil hard to come to grips with.

griffo4, Jul 17, 11:20pm
Thanks cooks l used the search part last night but that didn't show up and l found your lemon yoghurt cake recipe this morning so l will try them both
Best friends are a great loss and l will be thinking of you tomorrow
Even when it is expected they will pass, the actual event is still very hard to deal with

greerg, Jul 18, 1:33am
So sorry Pam - hope the funeral is not too hard. I too know from personal experience how hard the loss of a good friend is even when you have had a few months to say goodbye.

cookessentials, Jul 18, 6:00am
Thanks guys, much appreciated. We have known each other for 21 years. Met at kindy when our boys were there. I will be remembering all the good times. She had a rough road to hoe at times and it was always hard with being away from her ( we used to live in Auckland until we moved here in 2005) I last saw her in March and she looked fabulous. Her husband has invited me to see her at the funeral home, but I have passed on that as I would rather remember her as she was.
griffo, you will love the lemon yoghurt cake, it is one of my all time favourites. I sometimes make it with limes which makes a nice change, however, you will need more zest to ramp up the flavour.

winnie231, Jul 18, 7:02am
My thoughts are with you Pam.
I hope you don't mind me sharing your recipe on your behalf.

cookessentials Salmon Quiche:

PASTRY: 1 cup plain flour;pinch salt;90g butter;1 egg yolk;1 tbsp lemon juice. FILLING: 250g can red salmon (you can use pink)4 rashers bacon;1 1/2 cups cream;3 eggs;salt & pepper;1/2 tsp paprika;2 tbs chopped parsley;1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese ( I just use the galaxy stuff in the shaker). PASTRY: Sift flour and salt into bowl, rub in butter, till it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Mix to a firm dough with beaten egg yolk and lemon juice;add 1-2 tsp of cold water if necessary. Roll out pastry on lightly floured surface to a circle big enough to fit base and sides of a 23cm metal flan tin. Lift pastry gently over a rolling pin, lift into flan tin. ease pastry into sides of tin and press into grooves of tin with fingers. Handle gently so pastry does not break (if it does, you can easily press bits of pastry on - it works fine) Roll the rolling pin over the top of tin to cut off excess pastry. Refrigerate shell one hour. Meanwhile chop bacon and fry in non-stick pan till crispy. Remove from pan and drain on absorbent paper. Put flan tin on an oven tray. Drain salmon, reserve the liquid. Flake the salmon, removing bones etc. Arrange the salmon and bacon on the base of the flan. Beat together cream, eggs, salt, pepper, cheese, -
paprika, parley and reserved salmon liquid. Carefully pour this mixture over the back of a spoon into flan tin to cover salmon and bacon. Bake in mod hot oven (190) for 10 mins, then reduce heat to mod slow (160) and cook a further 30-35 mins or until filling has set. Its lovely warm or cold. I just serve a salad and some crusty bread on the side.

sumstyle, Jul 18, 7:02am
Wow, Pam this has been quite a journey for you and your friend - she has been sick a while I think? My thoughts go with you as you celebrate her life, I think you've made a good decision not to go to the funeral home.

cookessentials, Jul 18, 7:59am
Winnie, you are a doll, thank you. It has, she got bc at 40 and here we are 13 years down the track.

nfh1, Jul 18, 8:03am
I agree, I have never visited anyone at the funeral home - I much prefer to remember the good times.

antmannz, Jul 19, 7:49am
Hi cookesssentials. . didn't want to start another thread for you, and thought you'd see this. Do you know where in NZ I could find one of these? http://i196.
geBrowniePan. jpgDo you stock them? Thanks, Jen

griffo4, Jul 19, 7:54am
antmannz what an amazing pan

lulu239, Jul 19, 6:43pm
Umm, just what is the actual purpose of a tin shaped like this? It would be a nightmare if it started to stick!

hezwez, Jul 19, 9:59pm
It's called a "Baker's Edge Pan" cunningly designed so you get more edges on brownies.
http://tiny. cc/y9rcm

antmannz, Jul 19, 10:19pm
Yep! Very cool huh? Just need to find it somewhere, otherwise I'll bring it in from the states :)

winnie231, Jul 19, 11:43pm
antmannz - you can contact Pam through her shop ... just google cookware essentials. I would hate to see someone accusing her of self-promotion if she answers you here (has happened in the past! ).

antmannz, Nov 12, 11:05pm
Thanks winnie! And i hope you don't get in trouble for helping me out - you never know around here! :P