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nfh1, Jun 30, 5:55am
Gosh that would put your recovery back! Yuck.

vintagekitty, Jun 30, 6:06am
because some raw veg taste like crap and raw meat is for animals.

eastie3, Jun 30, 6:29am
Oh you missed #4 bedazzled, that was the first.
Just my opinion of course.

I have eaten steak Tartare, it was always on the menu at the late, much missed Il Casino here in Wellington. I have to say once was enough though. Likewise I am with others who prefer their spuds cooked, although I am partial to many raw veges.

lythande1, Jun 30, 6:41am
Try mashing a raw potato

fruitluva2, Jun 30, 7:25am
I reckon

stormbaby, Jun 30, 7:55am
Uli, never invite me to dinner at your house:)
I prefer mine either just cooked or tender, I don't eat meat I have met, and don't like to see any blood in my meat. And I love butter on my vege... .

uli, Jun 30, 8:16am
Why would I want to invite you stormbaby - remind me.

gaspodetwd, Jun 30, 9:38am
I thought it was obvious - cooking detroys lectins from some plants and makes them harmless to us. It also allows us to metabolise the nutrients from others - the cooking process enables us to absorb nutrients better from some foods.

aussiesash, Jun 30, 10:06am
Why cook anything we eat?

buzzy110, Jun 30, 10:12am
Because what would be the point of all these fandangled appliances if we didn't use them for cooking? Maybe they could be turned into heaters! I for one cook because I have to get value for money from my fandangled appliances and so I can wear them out and spend more money getting newer and prettier ones.

If I didn't cook my husband would only spend his money on loose women, instead he has to save it all up for the next kitchen renovation. We women aren't stupid.

cookessentials, Jun 30, 9:16pm

eastie3, Jul 1, 5:53am
I like your logic buzzy and in fact I also use it, usually to great effect.

buzzy110, Jul 1, 6:07am
Yes. I have impeccable logic and I'm always happy to guide others. ***Wanders off to the kitchen to add more use to all my expensive appliances***.

stormbaby, Jul 1, 8:29am
Meowwwwwww! !

uli, Jul 1, 8:40am
Not quite sure what you try to say - but then if that is how you communicate lately ...

stormbaby, Jul 1, 9:11am
Gosh Uli, what on earth is your problem?

uli, Jul 1, 9:18am
I have no problem - YOU wanted to be invited for dinner - remember?

Then I asked why - and your answer was "Meowwwwwww! ! "
which I think was slightly "unusual" - don't you think?

So the question - "Gosh Uli, what on earth is your problem? " (post#41) should be turned round - don't you think - and be
"Gosh stormbaby, what on earth is your problem? "

Now - what is it stormbaby?
What are you trying to say ... ? ? ?

stormbaby, Jul 1, 9:22am
I actually put a smiley face on my comment of "never invite me to your house for dinner", pointing out that we are total opposites! No need to get nasty about it, I think you took it the wrong way!

uli, Jul 1, 9:24am
Nothing nasty about asking why I would want to invite you?
Just thought you could remind me ...

stormbaby, Jul 1, 9:26am
Now that's being nasty uli. People can totally disagree with another posters opinions, but no need to get bitchy about it. There are a lot of posters I have opposing views to, and I have met loads. Its called healthy discussion. Some people sadly take themselves far too seriously and see opinions as personal insults. Gosh, I even asked you advice recently! So I don't see what your comment about "if that is how you communicate lately" is about. Perhaps you have had a bad day? Anyway, I will tiptoe out of the thread as I am very much aware that you are not in a good mood today!

buzzy110, Jul 1, 9:46am

uli, 4 days, 14 hours
Blah blah ? ?

Not sure what you want to say here stombaby. But each to their own I guess. Once you have sorted your thoughts let me know.

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