Peanut Butter - Which one is made in NZ?

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rog.e, Oct 27, 8:36pm
or Australia? V

wilson16, Oct 27, 8:53pm
Sanitatium make a very few in Australia, the rest are made in China as are pretty much ALL the other brands. Check it says "made in Australia". I would say only specialty stores have anything made in NZ

pickles7, Oct 27, 8:56pm
mmm we have a jar of china made peanut butter, no one wants to eat. Found this on you tube. "Binn Inn" used to have a station, where you could make your own. . v=aDNxGBFt0mU

red2, Oct 27, 9:11pm
Nics ( Nelson brand ) but seen in Auckland is made in NZ . Ceres foods make some butters too incl cashew butter and almond butter and I would guess that they are NZ made

magmcm, Oct 27, 9:36pm
really good peanut butter, that is the brand name, is made in NZ, Oct 27, 9:41pm
mm most are NZ made but do trace where their peanuts are imported from. . some are local Auckland grown (expensive) some are imported from Queensland, and some are imported from china... I'm talking about the raw nuts... "Made in NZ" when it comes to peanut butter is nothing more than whacking the nuts thru a machine and jammin them in a jar, its where the nuts come from thats most important.

245sam, Oct 27, 9:46pm
Val, have a look at:-

cgvl, Oct 27, 10:03pm
I buy the Sanitarium Original, its made in Oz but doesn't have added sugar as most of the other varieties do.

indigojo, Oct 27, 10:08pm
regardless of where the stuff is made most of the peanuts come from China (you can tell this when you unpack the jars on the shelf and the wee slip covered in Chinese written saying when/where the peanuts were grown falls out)... and the sugar would come from overseas... not sure about the salt...

madzwhippet, Oct 27, 10:10pm
Have bought Kraft for years... . . now on the label it says made in Australia from imported ingredients... can't win ... . . M

madzwhippet, Oct 27, 10:11pm
Have bought Kraft for years... . . now on the label it says made in Australia from imported ingredients... can't win ... we reserve the one from china bought by accident to bait mice traps in the winter... . . M, Oct 27, 10:36pm
Sugar - 80% of the worlds sugar actually comes from Australia (grown/produced etc) so 80% of the time your sugar fine.

rog.e, Oct 27, 10:48pm
Gee I hadn't even considered from whence cometh the nuts! I can't make my own nut butters nowbecause the Combo processor and blender has blown up bu it looks like the buts are not Aussie or NZ mostly anyway. Does anyone here in RECIPES thread home-grow peanits? I used to years ago when I had a bit of country paddock to do it. Never too successful. V

bex32, Oct 27, 11:06pm
Pic's peanut butter is the best! ! You can get it from the market in town on sundays in wellington and you can buy online from as 245sam said. It is seriously the best peanut butter ever and it is only peanuts from aussie, and a bit of salt. No sugar - I hate sugar in peanut butter! We bought a jar and it only lasted just over a week!, Oct 27, 11:22pm
another vote for Pic's

rog.e, Oct 27, 11:49pm
Just boughtseveral jars from
-thank you for the tip. V

uli, Oct 28, 12:56am
Do you know who in Auckland still grows them commercially?, Oct 28, 1:21am
I could tell you if I still had the packet... I buy them for my parrots we still have a huge container of them so dont need to buy more just yet, but I will see if I can find a packet in the shop and write down the details.

uli, Oct 28, 1:23am
That would be very nice - thanks maxwell. inc :)

rog.e, Oct 28, 1:25am
Just in case you might like to grow your own peanuts right here in New Zealand, I found this on here.

Also Kings Plant Barn site has a how to grow page for peanuts

uli, Oct 28, 4:13am
Val - I DO grow peanuts myself LOL
As you know there is not much that I do NOT grow (remember my old catalogue). And luckily the peanuts have survived the accident, as they were in a big pot under the automatic irrigation.

pickles7, Oct 28, 4:25am
I have grown them on and off over the years, they have never produced much. I very much doubt they would be a viable crop for New Zealand farmers. Last year will have been the last for me. They had shells but they were empty., Oct 28, 4:26am
Uli ? where do you get "peanut seeds" from in NZ, I've had a squizz round the online seed stores but cant find any... dont tell me its as simple as buying some in or out of their shell and planting them LOL

jimminette, Oct 28, 5:35am
I still want to know why we have to have sugar in peanut butter all of a sudden. It's like there is a glut of sugar and chocolate in the world and everything seems to be either full of unnessary sugar or covered in Chocolate. Like muesli barsReally hard to get one of those not covered in chocolate. But why sugar in peanut butter is my main gripe.

ppppaula, Oct 28, 5:57am
we like the ceres organic crunchy peanut butter but don't have any at the moment so not 100% sure of where ingredients are from but am sure it is made here.