Peanut Butter or Vanilla Chips??

sonshine, Apr 3, 7:23am
I have a wonderful recipe I want to try that calls for using Peanut Butter or Vanilla Chips. They come from the USA and I was wondering if anyone knew if these are available in NZ anywhere? Thanks

babytears, Apr 3, 7:41am
No I haven't seen them here - according to google they're similar to white choc chips that are vanilla or peanut butter flavoured... . be so great to get them here! ! !

aadunn77, Apr 3, 7:51am
what about milo cereal? It has a combo of choc and vanilla crispy chip things

liddellgirl, Dec 29, 5:46am
Reese's peanut butter cups, they are super yum, Kmart sells them, and those candy train stalls they have in malls.

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