Peanut Butter and Banana Toasties

taurus2005, May 27, 12:18am
yum yum yum.

Does your peanut butter live in the fridge or out?

245sam, May 27, 12:32am
Opened or unopened, our peanut butter lives in the cupboard. :-))

taurus2005, May 27, 12:42am
Thanks for that. I have always put it in the fridge but it would make it easier to spread so from now on, out it is.

margyr, May 27, 12:44am
lives in the cupboard, and try some honey with that combo as well.

taurus2005, May 27, 1:29am
ok, tomorrow for lunch.

kcak, May 27, 1:34am
In the pantry, and give peanut butter a go with marmite, but with banana is my favourite.

elliehen, May 27, 2:07am
Have just posted this in the Chocolate thread, but it could well belong here with some peanutters ;)

Combine well:
1 cup extra-chunky peanut butter
1 cup rice bubbles
1 cup icing sugar
3 Tablespoons softened butter (NOT melted)
Note: You can add extra chopped peanuts if you like, but they're not necessary if you use the extra-chunky peanut butter.

Mix and roll into tsp-sized balls and chill in fridge.

Melt 375 gms of Whittaker's dark chocolate - I prefer Dark Ghana. To melt chocolate, bring water to boil in a saucepan, take off heat, fit bowl with chocolate in it on top tightly without it touching the water and stir till melted - about 3 to 4 minutes.

Take chilled balls, dip into chocolate using two forks and place on baking paper to set. Store in fridge.

missmuppett, May 27, 6:54am
Fridge... yummmmmmmmy

rog.e, May 27, 7:02am
Mine lives in the fridge with all the Vegemite and jams, pickles, chutnets etc. once opened.

wildflower, May 28, 5:03am
Love banana and pb toasties. Bananas taste so different when cooked, yum with or without the pb too.

tracyceebe, May 28, 5:41am
I love peanut butter and Banana Sammies, my favourite.

motorbo, May 28, 6:53am
never tried them! but i got that Pic`s really good peanut butter, its yummy but i dont like it on toast like i did normal paenut butter, i think it will be perfect for homemade satay! !

samanya, May 28, 11:04am
Pics is sooo good ... I love it.
I have trouble not being tempted to eat it straight from the jar!

shirley16, May 30, 8:18am
cupboard... ... ... We dont have ants and the other crawlies that like to live in food cupboards... ... . toooooooocold

alebix, Jun 20, 7:18pm
Mine is in the cupboard with all the spreads except the jams.

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