Peanut Butter sandwiches, anyone?

autumnwinds, Oct 6, 8:04am

A rather hilarious piece, headed "Mum's peanut butter 'hack' ridiculed by the internet".

What WAS she thinking. ?

docsportello, Oct 6, 10:13pm
Haha Needs to be another lifehack. how not to rip the bread. Freeze the bread, spread on normal PB, refreeze, defrost, warm in microwave for 2mins on high, allow to cool, scrape off excess. done.

autumnwinds, Oct 7, 12:03pm
And we all thought "hacks" were supposed to be time savers. lol!

Maybe we were better off when a hack was something that ate hay, and one rode on it occasionally.

dibble35, Dec 18, 6:03am
she has way to much time on her hands. LOL.

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