Best club sandwiches....

sarah1955, Jun 6, 12:50am
any one have a good method of making these and what are the best fillings? :)

elliehen, Jun 6, 1:08am
No special method, but my favourite filling is cream cheese, dates and grated carrot :)

darlingmole, Jun 6, 1:24am
cream cheese, salmon, iceberg lettuce and a mix of mayo and hoseradish sauce with a squeeze of lemon through it.

Butter bread, remove crust. Spread on piece of bread with softened cream cheese, plae slice of salmon on top, last the leaf of a lettuce, spread top piece of bread with mayo/radish dressing. Remove crusts then slice in fingers.

margyr, Jun 6, 1:48am
tinned corned beef mashed with some tomato relish and chopped onion, lettuce and tomato. ham, egg and lettuce with a little carrot, cheese and onion, asparagus and lettuce with a little mayo. use a serated knife to cut the crusts if you are going to cut them into slices or if cutting into triangles leave the crust on.

eastie3, Jun 6, 6:15am
I used to make hundreds at a time in a previous job.

I always used an electric knife to trim the all crusts and cut the sandwiches into triangles, which were then sat on a platter with the pointy end facing up.

Butter right to the edges of the bread so that the filling doesn't soak into the bread. If using tomato, canned asparagus or other such ingredients, use lettuce for exampleas a barrier to the bread getting wet.

Curly parsley chopped very finely and sprinkled from above the platter looked decorative, or alternatively, long stems of flowering rosemary along the sides of the platter.

evebee, Jun 6, 10:34pm
ham and mashed egg. cook and mash the eggs, adding a little mayo, a little curry powder, some mustard sauce, salt and pepper. i always use frozen bread and then they are beautifully thawed for afternoon tea if I make them in the morning. Spread one layer with the egg mixture, place another slice of bread on top and butter, then place ham--i use shaved ham-- on the slice and top with the third slice. Remove the crusts and cut into triangles. Wrap in gladwrap til required. these are very popular and always first to go. Enjoy

malcovy, Jul 14, 12:00pm
I still like the old fashioned ones ie ham, mashed egg and tomato. I like your way Elliehen but I will use currants instead as I am not a date fan.

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