Egg sandwiches

treens2, Jul 19, 7:23am
What do you add to them?

cheese-mike, Jul 19, 7:29am
Mayo mainly

elliehen, Jul 19, 7:32am
+ Dijonnaise - a mix of Dijon mustard & mayonnaise ... OR
+ Mayonnaise & curry powder & parsley

pickles7, Jul 19, 7:41am
bind the mashed eggs with a nice thick white sauce. Doesn't overpower the flavour of the egg. It will help the egg stick to the bread, we used it a lot in egg and cheese and onion, sandwich fillings.

nzhel, Jul 20, 12:31am
I do what my mum used to do - mash eggs while hot and add a small knob of butter to help bind. Season with salt and pepper and mix in finely chopped spring onions. Spread on bread to make sandwiches Devine!
Also mashed eggs mixed with salad dressing and a small amount of curry powder is tasty as elliehen has also mentioned.

motorbo, Jul 20, 12:35am
oh your all reminding me of my famous stuffed eggs that i havent made for years! ! ! might make some on the weekend just for me LOL

fisher, Jul 20, 12:55am
nzhel... sounds nice. . Might be lunch while out in garden on weekend if its nice , fine and warm:}} Got some nice, young spring onions going just for the purpose. .

allurs, Jul 20, 12:55am
Ohhh I went to samoa and we got served mashed egg & onion sandwhich's! DEVINE! ! !

buzzy110, Jul 20, 12:58am
Parsley. What are mashed eggs without parsley?

The stuffed eggs in the Edmonds book used to have curry powder as well if memory serves me well.

fisher, Jul 20, 1:00am
yes of course... . parsley or spring onions. . spring onions no parsley. . parsley no spring onions... fresh chopped parsley and spring onions...
yup... tis the way to go. . more flavour the merrier. . lol:}

littleblackhen, Jul 20, 4:01am
chives are another thing that's good in egg sandwiches

ferita, Jul 20, 4:03am
I mash the yolks seperate to the whites and chop the whites into small dices. Makes a better texture :)

52many, Jul 20, 8:20am
I use to do some of the above until I found ETA Yoghurt & Garlic Dressing... ... . Never looked back. Sometimes though... ... I find myself making the old mayonaise with the Highlander milk and adding eggs... ... ... a childhood memory that doesn't want to be erased... It's soooooooo good! ! ! ! ! ! ! YUM! ! !

marywea, Jul 20, 9:45pm
littleblackhen... . . one of my favourite poems. My granddaughter has a book with a lot of AAMilne poems and I have "Now we are Six and we read to each other on Skype. Fun to see the enjo]yment of your childhood being created in another. Don't tell me you took that trademe name for some other reason! !

littleblackhen, Jul 27, 10:29pm
marywea, yes i took trade name for another reason, i love and have hens and littleredhen was taken.

ballito, Jul 27, 10:32pm
Egg and chive sandwiches - that brings back memories - nice they were too.

finnfanatic, Jul 27, 10:33pm
Eggs mashed with a little mayonnaise, salt and pepper - and fresh chopped coriander. YUM! Prefer cress but can't be bothered to grow it.

lilyfield, Jul 27, 11:52pm
eggs-currypowder-salt pepper, squeeze of lemon and teespoon milkpowder , water for right consistancy. equals a low fat spread.

millenium1, Dec 4, 11:07pm
I like mine mixed with horseradish sauce and chives.