Peanut Butter Cups ....

3084me, Jun 9, 9:36pm
I have just discovered Reeses peanut butter cups **YUM! ! ! ! ** and was wondering if they would be easy to make at home?

Would I just need to melt down some cooking chocolate, spread a lather of peanut butter on it (once set of course) and then melt some more cooking chocolate to put on top? or would it be more involved than that?


dwebble, Jun 9, 11:00pm
You need to add some icing sugar to the peanut butter.

michelle313, Jun 9, 11:20pm
You have discovered an American favorite! ! I grew up with this little babies, LOVE EM! They are pretty easy to make, I don't have my mom's recipe handy but this one at All recipes is pretty darn close.
ail. aspxenjoy!

bob_doe_nz, Jun 10, 5:16am
I had a dabble with making these a month or so ago.

I used peanut butter, a small amount of sugar, Whittakers Chocolate and ground up wine biscuits.

http://images. jp
http://images. jp

It's not hard, but it is slow making these...

3084me, Jun 10, 6:17am
ohh they look yum! !

Didyou mix in the blender the peanut butter, wine biscuits and sugar? -- do I use Icing sugar or normal sugar?

amastrader, Jun 10, 6:22am
Even worse, I just brought a Reeses PB cup lip balm - great on the lips no cals ;)

eastie3, Jun 10, 7:00am
Where did you buy the lip balm amastrader ? They would make a perfect stocking filler for someone near and dear.

bob_doe_nz, Jun 10, 8:49am
What I did...

Melt choc in a double boiler,
In a food processor, grind the bikkies till it's dust.

Spoon Peanut butter into bikkies with a little sugar.
Mix well.

Line cupcake paper with choc. Fridge for ten mins.
Spoon mixture into choc shell and drizzle on more choc for the tops.

Chill. Store in the freezer until you're peckish.

amastrader, Jul 23, 7:12pm
Trader - marthasbackyard. They do 3 for $10 - And have all kinds of crazy ones - I brought Reeses PB cup, Hershey’s Chocolate, Twizzlers cherry lip balm. Really great! ! !

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