Recipe for peanut butter

godilf, Jan 20, 7:34am
Made at home please?

bex32, Jan 20, 7:55am
Roasted peanuts and a pinch of salt

bex32, Jan 20, 7:56am
Just put them in a food processor until smooth, and you can put some in a bit later on so they are still crunchy

lindylambchops1, Jan 20, 8:08am
Save yourself having to wash your whiz or liquidizer and make your own peanut butter at your local Bin Inn store!

pickles7, Jul 14, 4:16pm
In the search function , on your left , Write ... pickles7... on the key word member space, and scroll down to ... anytime ... on the date posted, . You may find what you are looking for there

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