Tips for a good pavlova?

girlsrus, Jun 28, 4:29am
room temp or fridge temp eggs?
any other tips/secrets?

Thanks veyr much

harrislucinda, Jun 28, 4:37am

griffo4, Jun 28, 7:16am
l made pickles7 icing sugar one and l used warm eggs from under hen and fridge eggs as l was short of eggs and it came out really well

Tip:- make sure your bowl is really clean l cut a lemon and rub round bowl then rinse with hot water and dry to get rid of any greasy film

52many, Jun 28, 7:46am
It's all in the beating, chef! ! ! ! Beat it, beat it, beat it as Michael Jackson would sing... ... . . like half an hour beating chef! ! !

tinkagirl, Jun 30, 1:47am
copper bowl is the best for beating pavs in. must beat for at least 10 mins on high. add sugar gradually, not all at once and caster sugar will disolve quicker. free-range eggs wipe up better than caged eggs I find.

cookessentials, Jun 30, 2:11am
A clean bowl and yes copper is the best but a good stainless or CLEAN ceramic will be fine. you cannot have any grease in it as your whites will not whip as well. Also be careful when separating the yolks and whites that you get no yolk in the whites as again, it will stop your whites from becoming volumous. I always use malt vinegar in mine so I get a nice crispy outer shell and a nice marshmallow centre. I also make mine in a springform tin which gives you a lovely high, well shaped pav - way better than a cowells LOL. I also let it cool in the oven and remove when cold.

cookessentials, Jun 30, 2:17am
Pam's Pavlova
6 egg whites at room temp
pinch salt
2 cups caster sugar
1 1/2 tsp malt vinegar
1 1/2 tsp vanilla.

Preheat oven to 150C. Beat egg whites with salt at high speed until soft peaks form. Add the sugar, 1tbsp at a time, beating well after each addition. Stop beating when all the sugar has been incorporated and fold in vinegar and vanilla. Pile mixture into a greased 20cm springform tin and lightly smooth the top. Bake for 45 mins at 150C, then turn off the oven and leave with door shut for one hour. When pav is cooked, remove from oven and cool completely. Remove sides of springform tin and fill pavlova generoulsy with whipped cream and your choice of topping which for me is usually Kiwifruit, strawberries or passionfruit pulp.

antoniab, Jun 30, 2:24am
Yup I made my first ever last night and they turned out mint! Used malt vinegar as suggested by cookessentials and just chucked them in the Kenwood till there were no grains of sugar to be felt in the mix. Ive also heard its better with older rather than super fresh eggs but havent tryed that theory.

levintofu, Jun 30, 4:06am
yes this would be true the longer an egg sits around the more the chalaza break down (the white string bit that holds the yolk in place)also any blood spots (meat spots) will have also dissolved
and most of the CO2 will have escaped though the shell too

cookessentials, Jun 30, 4:14am
well done antoniab - next time, try it in the springform tin as above.

antoniab, Jun 30, 4:42am
Will do! Have to wait to have some friends around though to help eat it all! :)

rss9, Jun 30, 7:44am
BEAT ... . no less than 10 minutes... . . ! ! !
YUM... . .

gordy8252, Sep 20, 3:04am
Preheat oven to 150. . after pav goes in the oven turn it down to 80 and cook for exactly an hour and a half. . use white vinegar instead of malt for a lovely white looking pav