Urgent help with cooking beetroot :)

cake4, Jun 26, 10:29pm
Hello, I really am a cooking retard. I have chopped the unpeeled beetroot into half tennis ball size lumps and am now boiling it. How long for? ? My friend at work said the skins will rub off afterwards. I hope so lol. I want to maybe make a salad out of it, any suggestions? TIA !

cookessentials, Jun 26, 10:39pm
I am sure you are not a cooking retard - we all have to start somewhere! Usually it is best to keep them whole and unpeeled, otherwise you run the risk of them "bleeding" colour out. However, as you have cut them, just cook until tender, you can just test using a sharp knife and once it can be pushed into the beetroot, they should be ready. When cool enough to handle just rub them under cold running water and the skins should comme off easily.

cake4, Jun 26, 10:44pm
thanks, I cut them because one was the size of a large softball, and the other a tennis ball size. I thought evening them out in size would help with cooking them at the same time. They are bleeding colour though, it's amazing lol. :)any ideas for a dressing I could use on them?

simon.l, Jun 27, 2:13am
Balsamic vinegar with some olive oil is nice.

kiwiscrapper1, Jun 27, 3:07am
Youcan also roast them in the oven and they are lovely or just wrap in tin foild with some lemon thyme and tabs of water and bake for around 40mins

digger80, Sep 11, 3:07am
never cut the leaves off, just scew them off like a jar lid

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