Cooking Herring

tixy, Jan 8, 6:32pm
We have had a bit of luck fishing off the East coast down here in Canterbury and have pulled in some good fish.Normally I use herring (yellow eyed mullet) for bait, but have a dozen good sized ones and want to eat them.I was going to put them in the smoker with the kahawai, but does anyone have any other suggestions?

0800xford, Jan 8, 8:09pm
i often buy tinned kippered herring, maybe you could try kippering them?
fish curry is nice too, i'm a sucker for curry, i eat it all the time.

beaker59, Jan 9, 2:11am
Go for the smoker they will be awesome. We used to do them like that as a snack over a beer while waiting for the rest of the fish too smoke.

Smoked Piper are another treat not to be missed though they are a bit fiddly.

jimmy.k, Jan 9, 7:32pm
Al Browns latest book has a recipie for Herrings [Yellow eyed mullet] that looks ok.

whitehead., Jan 18, 10:12am
with piper if you split the belly then spread your fish gut side down and press onto a cutting board the back bone will just rip out head to tail makes them very easy to smoke or cook