Bottling Beetroot: How to:

porsche9, Jan 8, 11:41pm
Apparently you can cook them, take skins off, make your mixture put in with sliced beetroot and then just put the lid on. I have always put hot liquid in and sealed plus lid to preserve. Other opinions would be appreciated.

bob425, Jan 9, 12:37am
i am doing the very same look it up on the net its all there yum

bellyatobhs, Jan 9, 12:45am
yip the overflow method that is correct stick to how you do it.

timetable, Jan 9, 12:49am
put your preserving jars in the oven at 100 for about 20 min prior to bottleing the beetroot... clean the beets, and cook covered in water till when you poke a knife in it goes in easily but not mushy... let cool down then wearing rubber gloves take the top and tail off and the skins should just rub off easily... make up your liquid as follows: boil 2 cups sugar, 3 cups strained beet cooking liquid and 4 cups malt vinager till all sugar dissolved -about 5min.pack the sliced beetroot into your hot jars then carefully pour the hot liquid into the jars, making sure that you don't have any airbubbles.seal with your metal seals and screw bands, and leave over night then remove screw bands as long as all have sealed down.if they don't seal put in the oven for about half an hour then bring out and they should suck down.thank you digby law the best recipe ever for bottleing beetroot!!!enjoy guys...

timetable, Jan 9, 12:50am
yep i do overflow and never had a prob...

owl32, Jan 12, 4:31am
I do them in the way you said in post one. The ones i've made have turned out fine. Kept well, and sealed well.

r-mvz, Feb 2, 5:44am
I add a dry chilli to each jar, gives it a zing. But be warned the beetroot will dye it the same colour, so don't eat the chilli by mistake.