Beetroot apple salad-Mindfood magazine

pengy2, Dec 9, 8:41pm
Sitting in the hairdressers last week-found an interesting recipe in this magazine while having my hair done, keen to try this weekend-could anyone mind checking the recipe for me? It was the Dec issue. I can remember most of the recipe-but is the beetroot cooked or raw?? Thanks.

binbon, Dec 10, 1:16am
The recipe says 3 beetroot, trimmed and peeled. I think that may mean raw as it is sliced very thinly? Unsure really - you'll have to try it both ways to decide - please let us know how it goes.

margyr, Oct 13, 1:17am
i peeled and grated raw beetroot the other week and mixed with a dressing was very surprised how yummy it was.