Freshly cooked beetroot .. vinegar/sugar ratio?

winnie15, Dec 8, 12:59am
I'm not preserving my beetroot but am wanting to cook it on the night we want it ..what would be a good ratio of vinegar/sugar and do you add water to this mix? I will be using approx two beetroot at a time.

seniorbones, Dec 8, 1:11am
I roast mine in the oven wrapped in foil with a few tabs of water and a couple of springs of lemon thyme then once cooled just sprinkle with normal vinegar, I dont add sugar at all! or anything else except maybe salt.

nabbed, Dec 8, 4:23am
I do equal amounts of the water it was cooked in with sugar and vinegar eg. half cup of beetroot water,half cup of sugar and half cup of vinegar

rainrain1, Dec 8, 4:39am
1 c sugar, 1 c vinegar, 2 cups water, 1 tsp salt....absolutely beautiful, handed down from great granny....overflow into jars

uli, Dec 8, 5:21am
I use balsamic and cider vinegar half half add some salt and pepper and a bit of olive oil - mix while still warm. No extra sugar needed - the balsamic and the beetroot are sweet enough for me.

winnie15, Dec 8, 5:27am

winnie15, Dec 8, 5:28am
brown or white sugar.. or doesn't it matter?

rainrain1, Oct 7, 11:03am