Beetroot salad...

jag5, Jan 21, 10:43pm
I have boiled some beetroot, when cool I will dice, then roast with some Tree onions (very small onion great in salads).

What sort of dressing would be best over this?A mayo, or just a light french type dressing?Would maybe sprinkle with cashews too.TIA

gardie, Jan 22, 4:11am
Yum - I should do that with the beetroot I have sitting in the fridge.I think a mayo would be good - will stick to the beetroot and of course, turn a lovely pink colour.Might go pop mine in a pan now.

margyr, Jan 22, 4:16am
i peeled and grated some raw, added some onion and some vinegrette dressing it was yum.

jag5, Jan 22, 4:20am
Thankyou....I was thinking mayo and have it turn pink.Got visitors for lunch tomorrow will do it to go with other salads and roast chicken.

noelee, Jan 22, 4:21am
Have you tried the grated zest and juice of an orange up to you how many, chilled really nice.

aw217, Jan 22, 6:21am
same amounts of grated beetroot and grated carrot, salt and pepper, lemon or orange juice, two or three chopped mint leaves, a little olive oil and a little balsamic ...hmmmm

lauraashley, Feb 20, 7:15am
Over the new year a friend did a side dish of finely sliced beetroot (boiled and sliced) mixed with horseradish sauce -- was divine, even the kids ate it!