Awesome NZ cooking site and blog

kulkkulbelle, Jan 9, 8:43am
I did search here before I posted, so excuse if you know already. This kiwi lady has an original take on old favourites and wonderful new and decadent ideas - all on a gorgeous website.

I am looking for the quintessential lemon (as in very lemony and unbaked)cheesecake by the way

nzbadger, Jan 9, 9:26am
Thanks for the website. Had a quick look & will go back & look again.
Here is my yummy Lemon Cheesecake recipe.

250 gms Cream Cheese( Not Lite)
1 cup Sugar
2 tsp Vanilla Essence

1 Packet Vanilla Wine Biscuits
125 gms Butter

1 Lemon Jelly(dissolve in 1 cup Boiling Water)

Juice & Rind of 2 large Lemons

Tin of Evaporated Milk( not lite) 400gms approx.(Keep in fridge before beating)

Base: Crumb Biscuits. Melt Butter. Mix. Grease tin. Bake 180 c for 10 mins. Set aside & cool

Make Jelly & set aside to cool(use 1 cup boiling water only)

Filling:In a small bowl Mix Cream Cheese with Sugar & Vanilla essence. Put aside. I use a fork to mix
In a Large Bowl beat the tin of Evaporated Milk till very frothy/fluffy.
Add to the large bowl, the cream Cheese mix & the cooled Jelly & the Lemon juice & rind.
Mix all together till combined.
Pour into the cooled Base & place in fridge. Make the day before is fine.

kulkkulbelle, Jan 9, 9:31am
Thanks so much for that - lovely to see you included the old carnation milk. I bet this is lovely and fluffy. We are having a 70s/80s formal retro dinner for a friend's birthday at end of month.

Suggestions so far are:

Prawn cocktail
Beef Wellington
Lemon Cheescake

Were it winter I guess we'd be having a fondue

nzbadger, Jan 18, 1:14pm
Your welcome. Yes it's always a big hit with everyone!
Sounds a fun night!