Looking for a 'WOW' dessert

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beebs, Jun 13, 8:44pm
what comes to mind when you want to do an impressive dessert... ... ... ... . . my minds gone blank!

guanoloco, Jun 13, 8:49pm
I always go for a twice baked cheesecake... my own triple chocolate twice baked always gets rave reviews, although I find it a little too much these days, and prefer to go with a fruit topping version

martine5, Jun 13, 9:29pm
Michael Lee Richards has a dessert which is a persian meringue cake with stained glass sugar. If you think of a pav that has fruit/peel and chocolate throught it topped with boozy cream and then you line a baking tray with tin foil and sprinkle sugar on top. You grill it it caramelizes and then you stick the "shards"of glass into the whipped cream on top of the dessert. About the most impressive dessert i"ve made. The recipe uses either orange blossom or rose water (I hate both so replaced and used orange liquer. Yummo . If you want the recipe let me know.

cookessentials, Jun 13, 9:55pm
We do have a couple of great dessert threads

cookessentials, Jun 13, 10:04pm
I have bumped it up for you.

chynna2, Jun 13, 10:09pm
My son had to take a healthy recipe to school this week and I found this on the "food in a minute" website. Looks awesome, and is so easy (I intend to make it one day! ).

Sauce: 2 Tbsp Butter
1/2 cup Cream
1/2 cup Maple Flavoured Syrup
1 Pizza Base
2 Bananas, sliced
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1 Tbsp Chopped Nuts
Vanilla Ice Cream
1. Place the sauce ingredients into a saucepan, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 -15 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
2. Preheat oven to 200°C and place pizza base on a lined baking tray. Heat pizza base for 5-9 minutes or until golden. Take out from oven and spread with 1-2 tablespoons of the maple toffee sauce, top with sliced bananas and sprinkle over cinnamon.
3. Place on serving plate and sprinkle over nuts and top with ice cream and more toffee sauce. Serve immediately.

chynna2, Jun 13, 10:10pm
Meant to say that although isn't exactly "healthy" it is an easy dessert to make as they will be making it at school, and it covers the food groups that he needed to tick off!

beebs, Jun 13, 10:14pm
sounds great thank you! And thanks for your other suggestions... ... . .

thuntzster, Jun 14, 7:56am
I want a wow desert too- easy to prepare, looks the part and doesnt take hours and mega bucks to make Anyone part with their best loved secrets ? ?

duckmoon, Jun 14, 7:58am
folk still love a PAV - I think it is because people don't make them as often as use to...
when I make a PAV, I use the yolks in Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Cherry Trifle (google is your friend);
folk are impressed that I have made two desserts.

Banoffee Pie

duckmoon, Jun 14, 8:02am
My easy to prepare dessert has WOW factor is a simple banoffee pie - it is also relatively healthy (bearing in mind it is a dessert).

At the deli section at the supermarket (I shop at NW) - purchase a flan/sponge base thingy (I will try and find a link for what I mean)... Put caramel "yoghurt" into the base, cover with sliced bananas, dust with cooca...

My "lite" version of banoffee pie.

No cooking, prepared in about four minutes.

stormbaby, Jun 14, 8:05am
Puts my coffee crepes (with banana) and brandy sauce to shame. Even though I have it with butterscotch brittle icecream!

duckmoon, Jun 14, 8:07am
this shows a photo of the flan/sponge base I am talking about, I get them from the deli at New World or Moore Wilsons (in Wgtn).


thuntzster, Jun 14, 8:28am
Hey Duckmoom-you're winning so far! ! Have always used the caramelized condensed milk but will try yoghurt next time.
Our New World is not as upmarket as yours and I couldnt find the sponge flan base. Can you recommend a substitute?

uli, Jun 14, 8:41am
Black Forest Torte :)

thuntzster, Jun 14, 8:44am
Is it easy uli? ? ? ?

melford, Jun 14, 8:46am
Buy a box of eskimo pies (chocolate coated ice-creams). Put one on each persons plate. Open a tin of boysenberries and warm in a saucepan then thicken with 2 tsp cornflour. Pour a small amount over each eskimo pie. Top with 1 tbsp Greek Style Yoghurt and then some crumbled cadburys flake. Simple

girlsrus, Jun 14, 9:01am
cool duckmoon

uli, Jun 14, 9:03am
No - but it has the "WOW effect" :)

This is very close to the original recipe (without me having to translate... ):

http://isiria. wordpress.com/2009/03/08/recipe-for-the-origin

antoniab, Jun 14, 9:48am
YUM! Mum used to make that, but hasnt for years as we have all left the nest. What is the potato flours purpose in the recipe? Thanks :)

deejayrobbied, Jun 14, 9:50am
This is a recipe my french friend used to make for us. . it was so good ! I think it was called Canton.

Ernest Adams Sponge – Round 2 Layers
5 Eggs
Energy Chocolate

Break up one layer of sponge at place on the bottom of the bowl.

Separate the eggs. White in one bowl, yolks in another

Beat whites till fluffy.
Mix yolks with fork till mixed together.

Break up the chocolate (keeping aside 4-5 pieces) - Melt chocolate in pot.

Add yolks to chocolate and stir till mixed.
Mix in half of the fluffy whites then fold in the remainder of the white till light and fluffy.

Pur half the mixture on the sponge cake.

Break up the second layer of sponge and pour the remainder of the mixture on this part of the sponge to cover.

Beat cream and pour on the top.
With the remainder of the chocolate, grate on top of the cream.

Put in the fridge to set.

duckmoon, Jun 14, 11:23pm
cool - easy as...

buzzy110, Jun 14, 11:31pm
chynna2 I am absolutely intrigued. Can you tell me exactly which food groups he had to tick off and did it have to be a dessert?

da_kerbsta1, Jun 14, 11:59pm
Why not skip desert and so a 'WOW' cheeseboard? ?
Use anything you want, I always have a good brie, cheddar, crackers, and grapes, but you could add cold pastrami, feta, other cheeses, salami, pate, shellfish, artichokes, figs, oliv-
es etc etc.
Then for the 'WOW', make up a pot of toffee according to the Edmonds, but dont colour it. Add a whole lot of deshelled pistachio nuts and pour over half of the brie to serve. Tastes incredible, eassssssy as, can be inexpensive, and sure to knock thier socks off

rainrain1, Jun 15, 12:01am
Chocolate Cream Wow... .

1cup sugar
200gr chocolate, milk or dark (milk for me)
1+1/2 cups cream

Melt the sugar with half cup of water. Don't heat to much, just till sugar is dissolved. Add broken chocolate and heat gradually until you have a smooth mixture. Put aside to cool and thicken a little. When cool and thick, beat cream until half whipped. Using a wire whisk, beat choc mixture into cream and continue beating until very thick. Serve in tall glass with a scoop of icecream on the bottom
It is inclined to go a bit lumpy when you add chocolate to the sugar, even while beating it. if it does add a little more water to the mixture and all will be WOW