Roast beef ,will it be ok still?

velenski, Jun 12, 10:08pm
just got one yesterday checked the packing date and it was 25/5/10 , would this still be ok its vacuum packed. i wouldnt think it would be still ok? ? ?

jessie981, Jun 12, 10:20pm
If it smells I wouldn't use it, otherwise should be ok. If you only bought it yesterday, I'd be tking a trip back to the shop. Hopefully you stil have your receipt.

harrislucinda, Jun 12, 10:40pm
itisnowthe6mthi wouldbetakingitbackhopeyou haveyourreceiptvacuumpackedornottheshelvesshouldhavebeenclearedwithadatethatold

uli, Jun 12, 10:47pm
Illegal to sell outdated stuff! Take it back with the receipt and you should get more than a refund - cheaper for the shop than you going to the commerce commission which will "remind" them.

velenski, Jun 12, 10:50pm
yip will take it back tomorrow , thanks

zorrodog, Jun 12, 11:20pm
Of course if you find that it is "off" when you open it, take it back but what you should do is check if there is a use by date, which you should look out for. Packing date does not mean much. I have seen other meats alright to use after 3 or 4 months

beaker59, Jun 13, 12:23am
I wouldn't get too carried away. Nowdays they often age meat vacum packed that long personally I prefer to do it open to the air. If its been wel lchilled thats only just over 2 weeks if its been in the fridge at low temp all that time then it should be fine.

karenz, Jun 13, 1:11am
I often buy vacuum packed meat at Moore Wilsons because it can be kept for quite a long time, as others have suggested check for a use by date. Ifyou have the receipt I would suggest opening it and leaving it sit for a few minutes because there may be a slight odour after you first open it. Then if you think it is off take it back.

biker_69, Jun 13, 5:55am
Not illegal.

biker_69, Jun 13, 5:56am
Indeed. Some fresh chickens have 10 days from packing. It depends largely on how it's been packed.

uli, Jun 13, 6:26am
Now that I have re-read poster #1's post- sorry to have given wrong advice! I thought (too quick to read obviously) that the best-before-date was end of May! And that it was sliced roast beef from the deli department.

If it is aged raw beef in one hunk in a vacuum pack - then a month under refrigeration is normal. If you buy anything from the butchers they will state packed on 20th of May and best before 20th of June. So if that is the case you will be fine.

Sorry for the confusion!

velenski, Jun 14, 8:34pm
took it back they said it would be ok , but gave me a newer one 8 days old , and their meat has no use by date.

margyr, Jun 14, 8:53pm
that packed on date was fine especially as vacum still good, enjoy your meat.

dezzie, Jun 14, 10:39pm
some of the best meat is actually hung in the chiller for up 6 weeks, vaccy packed as long as its still sealed should be fine for ages and ages.

holdenss, Aug 7, 9:04am
We were trained to always check your food by site/feel and lastly taste, so dispite the packaging date/best before date or expirey date. trust your senses, thats your best expiry date.
Remember if ever your meat has any gluey material or is sticky to the touch, its like all the little bacteria holding hands singing kumbaya and has most likely been cross contaminated.