Leftover Corned Beef?

beth484, Jun 8, 2:30am
Never had this problem before - it normally is all gone the next day. But we cooked one in the slow cooker yesterday and then weren't home for dinner!

What can I do with it for dinner tonight?

245sam, Jun 8, 2:35am
beth484, have a look at:-

http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=12&t=280

There's a variety of ideas/recipes on that link but as you haven't already enjoyed a hot meal of the corned beef as it was, then how about simply slicing it as you would have if you'd been home for dinner last night, then carefully heating the sliced meat in a sauce of your choice e. g. mustard or onion or parsley sauce or... . .

Hope that helps. :-))

beth484, Jun 8, 2:45am
I was thinking of reheating it but I think the husband may have eaten too much for lunch for it to be a meat and vege meal... might just need to tighten his ration lol

karenz, Jun 8, 2:51am
I slice it thinly and put into a lasagna dish, then mash potatoes and carrots together with lots of butter and a little mustard then spread this over the corned beef and grate cheese over and bake until the cheese is slightly browned at top. Sometimes I shred cabbage and around 3/4 cook it and mix through the potato and carrot mixture. If you are on a diet subsitute the butter for olive oil.

cookessentials, Jun 8, 3:11am
What about corned beef hash?

rema, Jun 8, 5:25am
What about corned beef patties

dougiew, Jun 8, 5:30am
I put my left over corn beef in a rissotto the next day. The family know the night after corn beef is always rissotto. Haha!

destiny6nz, Jul 18, 8:42am
cornbeef, onion and mustard sandwiches. . yum

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