What to do with leftover sweet short pastry

food5a, Aug 5, 7:59pm
i made a lemon merange pie and have 3 sheets to use for something, any yummy ideas.

chrisynz, Aug 5, 8:08pm
make some mini tarts, put them into patty tins, fill with carmel or jam , or even mini lemon tarts

kob, Aug 5, 8:14pm
spread some jam on them cut a insde square around the edge of the square but not right through so that when the pastry cooks the sides rise and you have your very on family size jam tart, serve on its own or with some icing sugar dusterd on it, or peel core & cut some apples or pears and do the same things with the pastry edges layer fruit on top sprinkle with sugar & cinnamin and cook diveine serve with icecream or cream

amazing_grace, Aug 5, 9:07pm
Make popovers, cut into squares, put in a teaspoon of jam fold into triangles, brush with water then dust with sugar, bake... . mmmm

fruitluva2, Aug 6, 12:10am
Popovers are different.

books4nz, Dec 31, 9:01am
Cut into squares about 10cm x 10cm, brush edges with water or milk, and kind-of roll the edges to make a slightly upright edge. Fill centre with sliced apples (leave skins on too if you want), sprinkle with a little brown sugar and some cinnamon or mixed spice and bake - for delicious individual apple tarts.